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532 Possible Causes for Intact Sensation

  • Distal Hereditary Motor Neuropathy Type 7A

    The sensation of vibration was absent in the legs and propriception was impaired. General senses were intact.[] Strength of other muscle groups was intact and all modalities of sensation were normal.[] The sensations, except for vibration, were intact. The ankle reflexes were absent. Electrophysiologic studies were similar to Case 1 but were of less severe degree.[]

  • Keratopathy

    Bilateral anterior stromal infiltration of the central cornea was seen, with no overlying epithelial defect and intact sensation.[]

  • Carotid Artery Dissection

    Both pupils reacted to light, and the extraocular muscles were intact. The patient’s face appeared symmetrical and had intact sensation.[] sensation with normal gait.[] Neurologic follow-up at 20 months revealed persistent, moderate, expressive aphasia with naming difficulty, normal comprehension, symmetric face, absent pronator drift, and intact[]

  • Omphalitis

    Reflex: ( ) rooting, ( )sucking, ( )grasp, ( )swallowing Sensory: intact sensation to touch and pain stimuli Cerebellar: 17. IMPRESSION: Sepsis Neonatorum 18.[]

  • Gitelman Syndrome

    She had Grade 3 power in all the four limbs with intact sensation.[]

  • Locked-in Syndrome

    sensation and cognition.[] […] brain-computer interface (BCI) technology for individuals suffering from locked-in syndrome (LIS), characterized by complete or near-complete loss of voluntary motor function with intact[]

  • Minamata Disease

    Although 14 of 38 chronic MD patients demonstrated intact superficial sensation, 10 of these 14 showed mild to moderate disturbance in two-point discrimination.[]

  • Fecal Incontinence

    Fecal continence is maintained by coordination of a functioning anal sphincter complex, intact sensation of the anorectum, rectal compliance, and the ability to consciously[] […] is absent anteriorly. [36] After inspection, sensation of the perianal region should be assessed.[] Particularly important are the puborectalis sling of the levator ani muscle complex and intact innervation of the central and peripheral nervous systems.[]

  • Hypokalemic Periodic Paralysis

    She had Grade 3 power in all the four limbs with intact sensation.[]

  • Spina Bifida

    In an L5 level , (large image on the left) most muscles are intact except for some small muscles inside the foot and most sensation is intact except sensation between the[] A 20-year-old and a 35-year-old male with L5/S1 myelomeningocele were both highly functioning and ambulatory, with intact ilioinguinal nerve distribution sensation but anesthesia[] On the opposite side is depicted the skin of the leg region that has sensation intact.[]

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