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699 Possible Causes for Intractable Seizures

  • Rasmussen’s Encephalitis

    Rasmussen encephalitis (RE) is a rare pediatric neuroinflammatory disease of unknown etiology characterized by intractable seizures, and progressive atrophy usually confined[] seizures.[] Symptoms of RE RE is characterised mainly by intractable seizures, progressive hemiparesis, and cognitive loss (learning difficulties).[]

  • Neurosyphilis

    Abstract We report a 33-year-old Japanese man who suffered from repetitive generalized tonic-clonic seizures which were medically intractable.[]

  • Hemimegalencephaly

    Most patients exhibit early onset intractable seizures, status epilepticus, hemiplegia, hemianopsia, and developmental delay.[] A 7-month-old girl with hemimegalencephaly presented with intractable seizures, for which graded hemispherectomy was performed.[] seizure, she had normal neurological development and no seizure was detectable until two years of age.[]

  • Rasmussen Syndrome

    Rasmussen encephalitis (RE) is a rare pediatric neuroinflammatory disease of unknown etiology characterized by intractable seizures, and progressive atrophy usually confined[] seizures.[] The authors recommend testing for porphyria in cases of Rasmussen encephalitis and other intractable seizures.[]

  • Angiocentric Glioma

    Most AG patients present with intractable seizures, usually in childhood and as young adults.[] AG occurs in a broad age range, shows no gender predilection, and arises superficially in the cerebrum, usually resulting in medically intractable seizures.[] Nine years later, resection of the essentially unaltered tumor was performed for treatment of intractable seizures.[]

  • Hypothalamic Hamartoma

    Four patients with HH-related intractable gelastic seizure underwent endoscopic disconnection surgery. Postoperatively, all patients exhibited improvement.[] METHOD: We report on a 13-year-old boy with a large and sessile HH who presented with intractable seizures, precocious puberty and aggressiveness.[] To describe a patient with intractable seizures and hypothalamic hamartoma that was only partially resected with complete control of seizures and improvement in behavior after[]

  • Deficiency of Sulfite Oxidase

    The patient presented neonatally with intractable seizures and did not progress developmentally beyond the neonatal stage. Dislocated lenses were apparent at 2 months.[] In its classical, severe form, sulfite oxidase deficiency leads to intractable seizures, severe and progressive brain pathology and death at an early age.[] The proband's phenotype included the presence of intractable seizures in the neonatal period, some dysmorphic features, neuroradiologic findings reminiscent of hypoxic ischemic[]

  • Focal Onset Impaired Awareness Seizure

    Abstract We prospectively analyzed MR studies of 32 patients with intractable complex partial seizures, who later underwent resection of EEG-proven seizure foci.[] With the description of multiple subpial transections the armamentarium for surgical control of intractable seizures has been expanded.[] Samples from 15 patients with medically intractable seizures were compared to those from 5 nonepileptic patients requiring temporal lobectomy in life-threatening situations[]

  • Nonketotic Hyperglycinemia

    One patient died of intractable seizures at 3 months.[] Abstract Patients with nonketotic hyperglycinemia generally have intractable seizures that are poorly responsive to anticonvulsant medication.[] In the classical form it presents as neonatal apnea, intractable seizures, and hypotonia, followed by significant psychomotor retardation.[]

  • Ohtahara Syndrome

    INTRODUCTION: Ohtahara syndrome (OS, OMIM#308350, ORPHA1934) is an early-onset epileptic encephalopathy (EOEE) characterised by spasms, intractable seizures, suppression-burst[] They had intractable seizures from neonatal period, dysmorphic features and hypertonia. Progressive microcephaly was also observed.[] It is a debilitating and early progressive neurological disorder, resulting in intractable seizures and severe mental retardation.[]

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