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193 Possible Causes for Ipsilateral Ptosis

  • Familial Cluster Headache

    […] facial sweating, miosis, ptosis, eyelid oedema.[] Ipsilateral forehead and facial sweating 5. Ipsilateral miosis and/or ptosis 6. A sense of restlessness or agitation D.[] CH attacks also include one or more cranial autonomic symptoms (CAS) on the same side of the head as the pain (ipsilaterally) such as red eye (conjunctival injection), eyelid[]

  • Hypoglossal Nerve Palsy

    ptosis, increase lacrimation and rhinorrhea [7].[] […] typically manifested as daily unilateral continuous headache with superimposed, normally severe, stabbing or throbbing pain, associated with cranial autonomic sigs such as ipsilateral[]

  • Anisocoria

    The unusual coincidence resulted in ipsilateral ptosis, but with clinically equal-sized and normally reactive pupils.[] Conclusion Our case underscores the need to exclude carotid artery dissection when patients present with ipsilateral ptosis and miosis in the setting of ipsilateral neck and[] Patients may suffer from mild ptosis though eye opening is preserved. Ipsilateral anhidrosis or the red eye may be present.[]

  • Muscle Spasm

    This report describes the rare case of a 27-year-old female patient with conversion disorder who presented unilateral ptosis with ipsilateral muscle spasm of orbicular oculi[] The co-existing of unilateral ptosis and ipsilateral muscle spasm of orbicular oculi in the present case leads us to the conclusion that the overactivity of orbicular oculi[] The co-existing of ptosis and muscle spasm of orbicular oculi indicates that, in accord with prior reports, the overactivity of orbicular oculi is essential in psychogenic[]

  • Indomethacin

    Benign Raeder syndrome is characterized by a self-limiting unilateral continuous headache associated with ipsilateral ptosis, miosis, and frequently, facial hypohydrosis.[] Hemicrania continua is a chronic, strictly unilateral continuous headache associated with ipsilateral cranial autonomic symptoms.[]

  • Clomiphene

    The head pain was associated with ipsilateral eyelid ptosis and conjunctival injection.[]

  • Terminal 4q Deletion Syndrome

    However, she also had ipsilateral ptosis of eye, mental retardation, bilateral thumb anomalies and poor motor functions.[] Child showing craniofacial hypoplasia (left side) and ipsilateral ptosis Physical examination revealed body weight 4.2 kg, head circumference 40 cm and vertical length 62[] The major developmental defect include hypoplasia of left side of face, ipsilateral ptosis and small eyes, anteverted small nose and philtrum, small ear lobules and rudimentary[]

  • MEDNIK Syndrome

    Contraction of pterygoid muscles of jaw results in excitation of branch of 3rd Cr nerve that innervates levator palpebrae superioris ipsilaterally Ipsilateral ptosis when[]

  • Brown Syndrome

    Of these, 3 also demonstrated a contralateral superior oblique palsy; 2, a contralateral Duane syndrome; 1, an ipsilateral congenital ptosis; and 3, a moderate to severely[] ptosis.[] […] hypoplastic ipsilateral superior oblique muscle.[]

  • PHACE Syndrome

    She had a facial hemangioma on the right forehead and cheek, which had been regressing over time, and ipsilateral ptosis caused by third nerve palsy.[] (B) Ipsilateral ptosis. (C) Right corectopia and pupillary membrane extending from the superior-nasal portion of the iris causing posterior synechia.[] Ophthalmological examination showed a right-sided facial hemangioma of the forehead, temple, and eyelids ( Figure 1A ), ipsilateral ptosis ( Figure 1B ), microphtalmia, corectopia[]

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