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74 Possible Causes for Iridodonesis

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  • Pseudoexfoliation Syndrome

    Ultrasound biomicroscopy (UBM) can be useful in cases of iridodonesis and subluxation of the lens. Gonioscopy is an essential examination needed for PEX diagnosis.[] As the eye is usually dilated for examination, iridodonesis is usually not apparent if there is lens subluxation. Questions: 1.[] Zonular integrity should be evaluated preoperatively at the slit lamp by looking for the presence of phacodonesis or iridodonesis.[]

  • Eyeball Injury

    An extreme eye injury can cause a globe rupture where the eyeball can split open. This can be due to trauma directly on the eye or around the eye. Watch this episode of A State of Sight with Isaac Porter, MD to learn more about this injury and the eye surgery options to help save the eye and restore vision.[…][]

  • Marfan Syndrome

    Ocular system Findings include ectopia lentis (subluxation or upward dislocation of the lens) and iridodonesis (tremulousness of the iris).[]

  • Ectopia Lentis

    Trembling of the iris (iridodonesis) Trembling of the lens (phacodonesis) Aphakic crescent Mild conjunctival redness Vitreous humour degeneration Prolapse of the vitreous[] If the eye is not dilated, look for iridodonesis (abnormal tremor of the iris), phacodonesis (abnormal movement of the lens), deep anterior chamber depth or vitreous herniation[] L21) See corectopia ; iridodonesis ; pupillary block. Fig.[]

  • Lens Dislocation

    Iridodonesis is usually present.[] L21) See corectopia ; iridodonesis ; pupillary block. Fig.[] In the setting of lens dislocation, the patient may have trembling or shimmering of either the lens or iris, phakodenesis or iridodonesis, respectively.[]

  • Keratoglobus

    Associated findings include anterior megalophthalmos, enlarged ciliary ring with zonular stretching (leading to phacodonesis), ectopia lentis, iridodonesis, iris stromal hypoplasia[] Iridodonesis was noted in left eye.[]

  • Phthisis Bulbi

    […] rotated and the pigment faces forwards. 7) Retro flexion of the iris: the iris is driven backwards and is incarcerated between the lens equator and the ciliary body. 8) Iridodonesis[]

  • Intumescent Cataract

    […] than 50% of patients with Marfan's syndrome exhibit ectopia lentis Pertinent clinical features Sub or total luxation of the lens Phacodonesis Marked lenticular astigmatism Iridodonesis[] The anterior segment of the right eye was stable with transparent optical media, proper centration of the intraocular lens, and slight iridodonesis.[] Anterior chamber deepens and iris becomes tremulous ( Iridodonesis ). The zonules become weak increasing the risk of subluxation / dislocation of lens.[]

  • Aphakia

    Another distinctive sign is iridodonesis, which describes the jittering of the iris because of absent support from the lens.[] […] entry of infrared and ultraviolet rays in the absence of the crystalline lens Signs (anterior to posterior) Limbal scar in case of surgical aphakia Deep anterior chamber Iridodonesis[] Iridodonesis: Iridodonesis or tremulousness of iris is present due to lack of support being provided by the lens.[]

  • Marchesani-Weill Syndrome

    Ocular examination revealed hypertelorism, shallow anterior chamber, microspherophakia with a few lens opacities, iridodonesis and phacodonesis [Figure - 1] b.[] […] complete dislocation (luxation) of the lenses, resulting in blurring of vision, double vision (diplopia), and/or quivering movements of the colored regions of the eyes (iridodonesis[] There was microspherophakia ( Figure 1B ) with iridodonesis and phacodonesis in both eyes.[]

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