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154 Possible Causes for Iron Deficiency Anemia, Paronychia

  • Nail Abnormality

    Paronychia Paronychia is inflammation of the tissue around the nail, with pus accumulating between the cuticle and the nail matrix.[] NAIL ABNORMALITIES Discolored Nails White nails  Cirrhosis  HF  DM  Iron deficiency anemia  Chemotherapy  Overactive thyroid  Malnutrition 8.[] This disorder is associated with iron deficiency anemia. Leukonychia is white streaks or spots on the nails.[]

  • Herpetic Whitlow

    Acute paronychia and periungual felon may look like herpetic whitlow.[] At Your Appointment Questions to Ask Your Doctor About Iron-Deficiency Anemia A whitlow often resolves without treatment in two to three weeks.[] Herpetic whitlow can be distinguished from a paronychia by the lack of a tense pulp space, formation of vesicles, and serous (rather than purulent) drainage.[]

  • Candida Albicans

    […] therapies, and those with acquired immunodeficiency syndrome [AIDS] are especially susceptible to severe candidal infections); nail fold C. albicans infection causes chronic paronychia[] This is where someone can start to develop iron-deficiency anemia or have a zinc deficiency and the levels don’t improve with supplementation, or someone feels worse taking[] […] in culture and in tissues and exudates SECTION II - HEALTH HAZARD PATHOGENICITY: Mycosis of superficial layers of skin or mucous membranes (oral thrush, vulvovaginitis, paronychia[]

  • Brandt Syndrome

    Brandt syndrome - symptoms include fat in feces, baldness, paronychia, and pustular eruptions around the mouth and anus.[] Complications Complications of von Willebrand disease may include: Anemia. Women who experience heavy menstrual bleeding can develop iron deficiency anemia.[] Stomatitis, vesiculobullous lesions on the acral areas, and paronychia may arise later.[]

  • Telogen Effluvium

    Corynebacterium ( Erythrasma ) Viral skin disease Wart · Molluscum contagiosum · Erythema infectiosum · Exanthema subitum · Herpes simplex ( Herpetic whitlow ) General Cellulitis ( Paronychia[] In case of a measurable deficiency such as iron-deficiency anemia, replacement therapy may be initiated.[] Deficiency Anemia Crash dieting or significant dietary limitations ( Malnutrition ) Zinc Deficiency Stressors Severe chronic illness (liver disease or renal disease) Significant[]

  • Onycholysis

    We report here on two retrospective studies conducted between 1982 and 1995 in 137 patients with clinical evidence of chronic paronychia or onycholysis.[] As an initial screen for associated systemic disorders, it is reasonable to check a complete blood count and iron panel (for iron deficiency anemia), an antinuclear antibody[] Dermatologists and other physicians frequently encounter simple chronic paronychia and onycholysis.[]

  • Diabetes Mellitus

    Hematological and biochemical investigations revealed normal findings except for iron deficiency anemia.[] Hyperbilirubinemia Hypertriglyceridemia Iron deficiency anemias Renal failure Splenectomy Table 3.[] […] in pregnant women, people who have had recent severe bleeding or blood transfusions, those with chronic kidney or liver disease , or people with blood disorders such as iron-deficiency[]

  • Yellow Nail Syndrome

    […] reported in children affects both the fingernails and toenails majority of patients complain that their nails do not grow loss of the nail cuticle - results in an increase in paronychia[] […] too little (iron-deficiency anemia).[] […] syndrome SNOMEDCT: 45342007 – Yellow nails Look For Subscription Required Diagnostic Pearls Subscription Required Differential Diagnosis & Pitfalls Onychomycosis Chronic paronychia[]

  • Bacillary Angiomatosis

    521 169 Palmoplantar pustulosis 524 170 Panniculitis 526 171 Papular urticaria 532 172 Paracoccidioidomycosis South American blastomycosis 535 173 Parapsoriasis 539 174 Paronychia[] We present a case of a 37-yr-old man who had recent prolonged exposure to a cat and presented with fever, iron deficiency anemia, and guaiac-positive stools who had biopsy-proven[]

  • Ingrown Nail

    Our present study examines a rare case of keloid formation that occurred on the great toe after a repeated paronychia secondary to an ingrown nail.[] For example, vitamin and iron deficiency anemia can cause abnormal shape of nails; liver diseases can cause damage to nails and even lead to infected inward growth of the[] Eventually, infection can occur along the nail margin ( paronychia ).[]

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