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979 Possible Causes for Iron Deficiency Anemia, Shock, Ulcerative Colitis

  • Gastrointestinal Hemorrhage

    Patients often present in extremis from shock and sepsis. This mandates a rapid diagnosis so that prompt, potentially life-saving interventions can be performed.[] There are many possible causes of gi bleeding, including hemorrhoids peptic ulcers tears or inflammation in the esophagus diverticulosis and diverticulitis ulcerative colitis[] Chronic or occult gastrointestinal bleeding is not apparent to the patient and usually presents as positive fecal occult blood or iron deficiency anemia.[]

  • Colonic Angiodysplasia

    There were clinical features of shock. Packed cell volume at presentation was 14%. She was transfused with 4 units of fresh whole blood.[] Some of these include Colorectal cancer Colonic polyps - extra tissue growing in the colon that can become cancerous Ulcerative colitis - ulcers of the colon and rectum Diverticulitis[] (or iron-deficiency anemia), then the following treatment may be provided: Blood transfusions for severe blood loss Use of iron supplements and iron-rich diet (that include[]

  • Iron Deficiency Anemia

    The acute and potentially catastrophic problems of hypoxia and shock that can occur from significant hemorrhage or severe iron deficiency are discussed elsewhere; however,[] Jowett, SL, Seal, CJ, Pearce, MS et al. ( 2004 ) Influence of dietary factors on the clinical course of ulcerative colitis: A prospective cohort study.[] Iron deficiency anemia is a common type of anemia, affecting millions of people worldwide. Iron deficiency anemia is often asymptomatic.[]

  • Jejunal Vascular Anomaly with Hemorrhage

    NSAIDs - excessive alcohol consumption - heavy smoking - treatment with cancer chemotherapy drugs - uraemia - severe stress (e.g. trauma, burns, surgery) - ischaemia and shock[] He was treated as ulcerative colitis and commenced on onolsalazine.[] All men and postmenopausal women with iron deficiency anemia, and premenopausal women who have iron deficiency anemia that cannot be explained by heavy menses, should be evaluated[]

  • Intussusception

    The shock caused by intestinal obstruction with consequent intestinal necrosis was considered to be the cause of death.[] If you suspect your child is in shock, seek emergency medical care right away. Nov. 06, 2018[] If a hole develops, infection, shock, and dehydration can take place very rapidly. The cause of intussusception is not known.[]

  • Lower Gastrointestinal Hemorrhage

    Supported by NIH grant number DK 31764. 2001The Shock Society[] Major causes of lower gastrointestinal bleeding included idiopathic ulcerative colitis (19.3%), acute colitis (12.0%), colonic polyps (10.2%), radiation colitis (9.0%), solitary[] LGIB may present as an acute life-threatening event or as a chronic insidious condition manifesting as iron deficiency anemia and positivity for fecal occult blood.[]

  • Colorectal Carcinoma

    Cell division cycle 37 (Cdc37) is an important partner for heat shock protein 90 (HSP90), assisting in molecular chaperone activities, particularly with regard to the regulation[] Here, we report a case of ulcerative colitis-associated synchronous multifocal colorectal carcinomas.[] deficiency anemia from chronic occult blood loss.[]

  • Inflammatory Bowel Disease Type 1

    With gangrene, the intestinal wall dies, usually causing rupture, which leads to peritonitis, shock, and, if untreated, death. What Causes Intestinal Strangulation?[] Crypt-associated giant cells and granulomas can occur in ulcerative colitis and in themselves are unreliable features for the discrimination between Crohn's disease and ulcerative[] Patients with documented iron-deficiency anemia were excluded.[]

  • Hemolytic Anemia

    CASE REPORT: We present the case of a male patient with diabetes who developed a fatal liver abscess with massive intravascular hemolysis and septic shock caused by toxigenic[] colitis Tumors Some types of acquired hemolytic anemia are temporary and resolve over several months.[] Idiopathic pulmonary hemosiderosis is primarily a disorder of childhood, which is characterized by hemoptysis, iron deficiency anemia, and diffuse parenchymal infiltrates[]

  • Colonic Crohn Disease

    Two cases of toxic megacolon and toxic shocks were observed after the colonoscopy. CONCLUSIONS: In experienced hands, colonoscopy can be useful in severe CCD attacks.[] The high intensity of CD44v6 and v3 epitope expression on crypt epithelial cells in ulcerative colitis suggests that CD44 isoforms may have an important role in ulcerative[] Weight loss as well as specific vitamin and mineral deficiencies (for example, iron deficiency anemia) may occur.[]

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