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140 Possible Causes for Iron Deficiency Anemia, Vitamin K Increased

  • Iron Deficiency Anemia

    Dietary vitamin K intakes are associated with hip fracture but not with bone mineral density in elderly men and women . Am J Clin Nutr 2000 ; 71 : 1201 – 8 . 59.[] Iron deficiency anemia is a common type of anemia, affecting millions of people worldwide. Iron deficiency anemia is often asymptomatic.[] Routine iron supplementation is recommended for high-risk infants six to 12 months of age. Iron deficiency anemia is classically described as a microcytic anemia.[]

  • Gastrointestinal Hemorrhage

    K antagonist therapy, activation of fibrinolytic pathway, acquired von Willebrand factor deficiency, and tendency to develop small intestinal angiodysplasias due to increased[] Chronic or occult gastrointestinal bleeding is not apparent to the patient and usually presents as positive fecal occult blood or iron deficiency anemia.[] Microcytic red blood cells or iron deficiency anemia suggests chronic bleeding.[]

  • Atrial Fibrillation

    CONCLUSION: The introduction of non-vitamin K antagonist oral anticoagulants and an increased awareness of their benefits led to an increased use of anticoagulation from 52.8%[] […] risk of stroke with well-controlled vitamin K antagonists or non-vitamin K antagonist anticoagulants.[] The underuse of vitamin K antagonists in clinical practise is partly due to considerable disadvantages: an increased bleeding risk, a narrow therapeutic window and multiple[]

  • Megaloblastic Anaemia in Pregnancy

    Use of metformin is a cause of vitamin B12 deficiency. Am Fam Physician 2004;69:264. [ PubMed abstract(英語サイト) ] Bauman WA, Shaw S, Jayatilleke K, Spungen AM, Herbert V.[] Iron Deficiency Anemia In America, by far the most common type of anemia during pregnancy is due to iron deficiency as a result of a poor diet, or due to the woman failing[] […] folic acid gestation Group Gynecol Health hematocrit hematologic hemoglobin concentration Human Hytten incidence of toxemia increase infection iron-deficiency anemia lactation[]

  • Essential Thrombocythemia

    Therefore, since CALR binds to vitamin K dependent coagulation factors and increases the whole clotting time [ 59 , 61 ], we suggest the treatment or alleviation of symptoms[] -41 Nakasuji, Takasago 676-0812, Japan. Abstract When elderly patients present with persistent thrombocytosis, myeloproliferative disease, iron-deficiency[] It is difficult to make a diagnosis of ET, because most thrombocythemia are reactive to certain disease conditions including iron deficiency anemia, infection, collagen diseases[]

  • Biliary Tract Hemorrhage

    […] ascites – a build-up of fluid in your abdomen (stomach) and around your intestines vitamin deficiencies – including vitamins A, D, E and K a slightly increased risk of developing[] These may include: osteoporosis – a condition in which the bones become weak and brittle portal hypertension – increased blood pressure inside the blood vessels in your abdomen[]

  • Factor VII Deficiency

    K–dependent factors.[] Finally, iron deficiency anemia in women should be treated accordingly.[] Excluding two patients with severe, refractory menorrhagia ( 80 mL discharge/menses with profound iron-deficient anemia since the menarche, who were given a “personalized”[]

  • Alopecia

    Weber C, Erl W, Weber K, Weber PC: Increased adhesiveness of isolated monocytes to endothelium is prevented by vitamin C intake in smokers.[] Iron supplements. Iron deficiency could be a cause of hair loss in some women.[] If you do have iron deficiency, you will need to take a supplement and it may stop your hair loss.[]

  • Aortic Valve Calcification

    In a study of 577 older individuals, non-activated MGP (dp-ucMGP) was associated with increased risk of cardiovascular disease, independent of other risk factors and vitamin[] […] significantly. 14 MK-7: the optimal K2 format for the prevention of arterial calcification The vitamin K family comprises phylloquinone (vitamin K1) and menaquinones (vitamin[] The effect was attributed to low vitamin K status. 11 In summary, several studies have demonstrated that high levels of non-activated MGP (and activation can only be initiated[]

  • Hemophilia B

    Mutations that increase the charge of this region result in decreased hepatic secretion of all vitamin K–dependent proteins, including FIX, and lead to deficiencies of multiple[]

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