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18 Possible Causes for Irregular Menstruation, Nabothian Cyst, Vaginal Bleeding

  • Cyst

    It causes chronic pelvic cramps, irregular menstruation as well as infertility in many patients.[] ) Nabothian cyst (cervix) Nasolabial duct cyst Odontogenic cyst (teeth) Ovarian cyst (ovaries, functional and pathological) Pancreatic cyst Paradental cyst Parapelvic cyst[] Vaginal bleeding when you are not having your period. Some functional ovarian cysts can twist or break open (rupture) and bleed.[]

  • Ovarian Disorder

    “Apart from irregular menstruation, I have gained weight—particularly in the abdominal area and have facial hair ,” says Akansha Singhal, a 24-year-old with PCOS.[] You might also notice acne, excessive hair growth on the face or other parts of the body, weight gain, and occasionally prolonged vaginal bleeding.[] (most likely Nabothian cysts).[]

  • Retroverted Uterus

    Pain during menstruation, dysmenorrhea Irregular ovulation and infertility.[] cyst (These results are based enitrely on sonologic finding.)[] They concluded that the patients who had vaginal bleeding in early pregnancy had an equal risk of abortion irrespective of the position of the uterus.[]

  • Endometrioma

    Patients typically complain of painful menstruation, irregular bleeding, and infertility.[] cysts 286 Case 83 Vaginal pessary 290 Case 84 Pseudobladder 296 Case 85 Urachal remnant disorders 300 Case 86 Pseudotumor due to ureteral jet 306 Case 87 Pelvic pseudotumor[] Common side effects of Clomid may be abnormal vaginal bleeding , breast discomfort, headache, and GI symptoms of nausea and vomiting .[]

  • Chronic Cervicitis

    (D) other symptoms: such as irregular menstruation, dysmenorrhea, pelvic heavy feeling, infertility and so on.[] Apart from these symptoms, vaginal bleeding and spotting are also sure signs.[] Nabothian cysts Nabothian cysts are non neoplastic lesions of the cervix that are usually found incidentally on imaging.[]

  • Cervix Disorder

    Lack of ovulation or irregular ovulation often resulting in irregular or absent menstruation.[] The ICD code N888 is used to code Nabothian cyst A nabothian cyst (or nabothian follicle) is a mucus-filled cyst on the surface of the cervix.[] CASE: A 67-year-old female status post orthotopic liver transplant 5 years previously for hepatitis B and sarcoidosis presented with vaginal bleeding.[]

  • Cervix Stricture

    menstruation N92.6 Irregular menstruation, unspecified Irregular: · bleeding NOS · periods NOS Excludes: irregular menstruation with: · lengthened intervals or scanty bleeding[] cyst (Medical Encyclopedia) [ Read More ][] bleeding Radiation therapy to treat cervical cancer or endometrial cancer Cervical stenosis may result in an accumulation of blood in the uterus (hematometra).[]

  • Cervical Polyp

    Several conditions can cause such pain during menstruation and sometimes, it can be no detectable reason.[] We report the case of a giant cervical polyp of 5.5 cm occurring in a multiparous 47-year-old woman who clinically presented vaginal bleeding.[] Endocervical polyp with Nabothian cysts Images hosted on other servers : Whole mount Various images Cytology description Tridimensional groups of endocervical cells, may show[]

  • Uterine Hypoplasia

    If these girls still appear menstruation, they are usually irregular and very painful, the amount released in the menstrual blood can be very small or, conversely, abundant[] bleeding Postcoital bleeding Other / general Pelvic congestion syndrome Pelvic inflammatory disease External Vulva Bartholin's cyst Kraurosis vulvae Vestibular papillomatosis[] At 2 and 3 degrees of the disease the patients complain of the late occurrence of menstruation (after the 16th anniversary), their irregularity (long intervals), meager or[]

  • Ovarian Stromal Hyperthecosis

    Oral contraceptive pills (OCP) have several benefits, including treatment of irregular menstruation.[] cysts.[] The patient required emergent dilation and curettage because of anemizing vaginal bleeding (Hemoglobin 8.2 g/dL).[]