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379 Possible Causes for Ischemic Bowel Disease, Progressive or Intermittent Jaundice

  • Abdominal Angina

    Associated Symptoms fever and chills : inflammation or sepsis distension or bloating: intermittent with IBS, progressive with mass or ascites weight loss: malignancy or IBD[] According to the American Gastroenterological Association (AGA) technical review on intestinal ischemia[ 6 ], ischemic bowel disease can be either acute or chronic.[] K55.1 Syndrome - see also Disease ischemic bowel (transient) K55.9 ICD-10-CM Diagnosis Code K55.9 Vascular disorder of intestine, unspecified 2016 2017 2018 2019 Billable[]

  • Ischemic Bowel Disease

    Ischemic bowel disease is caused by a compromise in the blood supply of the gut.[] Abstract The ischemic bowel diseases are a heterogeneous group of disorders usually seen in elderly individuals.[] Abstract Twenty-five cases with ischemic bowel disease seen over a period of 4 years are presented.[]

    Missing: Progressive or Intermittent Jaundice
  • Ischemic Colitis

    We will cover ischemic bowel disease causes and ischemic bowel disease symptoms, as well as which treatments are available for those with ischemic bowel disease.[] Ischemic bowel disease results from an acute or chronic drop in the blood supply to the bowel and may have various clinical presentations, such as intestinal angina, ischemic[] In the younger population, medications are an increasingly recognized cause of ischemic bowel disease.[]

    Missing: Progressive or Intermittent Jaundice
  • Clostridium Perfringens Food Poisoning

    Abstract An outbreak of Clostridium perfringens (C. perfringens) food poisoning affected 17 of 44 (38.6%) patients interviewed on two hospital wards. A case-control study showed a statistically significant association between the consumption of roast pork and illness (P 0.01). C. perfringens type A, untypable[…][]

    Missing: Progressive or Intermittent Jaundice
  • Pericholangitis

    Jaundice may develop insidiously or occur as abrupt intermittent episodes of icterus.[] disease.[] In a minority of patients, pericholangitis progresses to severe fibrosis and cirrhosis.[]

  • Intestinal Infarction

    The clinical consequences of ischemic bowel disease largely reflect the extent of infarctive injury to the bowel.[] Vascular disorders•Ischemic Bowel Disease•Angiodysplasia•Hemorrhoids 3.[] They had ingested oral contraceptives for 5 and 8 years, respectively, but this therapy could not be proven to be a causative factor in their ischemic bowel disease; although[]

    Missing: Progressive or Intermittent Jaundice
  • Constipation

    Lastly, specific diseases which have narrowed the bowel due to inflammation (diverticulitis, Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, ischemic colitis) or due to colorectal cancer[]

    Missing: Progressive or Intermittent Jaundice
  • Hepatoportal Sclerosis

    Hepatoportal sclerosis with Ischemic Bowel Disease: A rare case diagnosed by clinical autopsy.[] Please use this identifier to cite or link to this item: Title: Hepatoportal sclerosis with Ischemic Bowel Disease: A rare case diagnosed by clinical autopsy.[]

    Missing: Progressive or Intermittent Jaundice
  • Mesenteric Infarction

    (human I-FABP) as a serum marker for the diagnosis of acute ischemic diseases of the bowel.[] Table 34.2 Incidence of Ischemic Bowel Diseases DISEASE INCIDENCE (%) * Superior mesenteric artery (SMA) embolism: 50 The SMA is susceptible to embolism because of large vessel[] However, ischemic bowel disease is less frequently recognized in the dialysis population 4 ).[]

    Missing: Progressive or Intermittent Jaundice
  • Bowel Stricture

    RESULTS: The mean interval between the diagnosis of ischemic bowel disease and stricture formation was 57 days. The severity of ischemic bowel disease was variable.[] RESULTS: Diagnoses were Crohn's disease, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs-induced enteropathy, ischemic enteritis, and carcinoma in 8, 2, 1, and 1 patients, respectively[] Strictures resulted from Crohn's disease (n 36), intestinal tuberculosis (n 24), malignant lymphoma (n 9), ischemic enteritis (n 6), NSAID ulcer (n 5), radiation enteritis[]

    Missing: Progressive or Intermittent Jaundice

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