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66 Possible Causes for J-Shaped Sella Turcica

  • Mulibrey Nanism Syndrome

    Figure 2: Lateral X-ray image for the skull showing J-shaped sella turcica. Figure 2: Lateral X-ray image for the skull showing J-shaped sella turcica.[] sella turcica, and fibrous dysplasia of bones.[] X-ray images revealed normal long and pelvic bones (Fig. 1 ) and a characteristic J-shaped sella turcica (Fig. 2 ).[]

  • Pseudo-Hurler Polydystrophy

    Symptoms of Pseudo-Hurler polydystrophy Clinical features : Imported from Human Phenotype Ontology (HPO) Abnormality of head or neck Coarse facial features Craniosynostosis J-shaped[] sella turcica Mandibular prognathia Abnormality of limbs Carpal bone hypoplasia Irregular carpal bones Soft tissue swelling of interphalangeal joints Split hand ... ...[]

  • Mucopolysaccharidosis 1H

    Dystosis multiplex is characterized by an enlarged skull, thickened calvarium, premature closure of lamboid and sagittal sutures, shallow orbits, enlarged J-shaped sella turcica[]

  • Mucopolysaccharidosis 7

    sella turcica in the eyes: corneal opacity and iris coloboma in the nose: anteverted nostrils and a depressed nostril bridge in the mouth and oral areas: prominent alveolar[] The symptoms include: in the head, neck, and face: coarse (Hurler-like) facies and macrocephaly, frontal prominence, premature closure of sagittal lambdoid sutures, and J-shaped[]

  • Anauxetic Dysplasia

    sella turcica ; Platyspondyly ; Rhizomelia ; Short finger ; Short neck ; Short toe ; Small epiphyses Associated Genes RMRP (Withdrawn symbols: CHH, NME1, RMRPR, RRP2 ) Mouse[] sella turcica 0002680 Platyspondyly Flattened vertebrae 0000926 Rhizomelia Disproportionately short upper portion of limb 0008905 Short finger Stubby finger Stubby fingers[] […] compression ; Cervical subluxation ; Delayed ossification of carpal bones ; Flared metaphysis ; Hypertelorism ; Hypodontia ; Hypoplastic ilia ; Intellectual disability ; J-shaped[]

  • Bent Bone Dysplasia

    J-Shaped Sella Turcica. Note the characteristic enlarged, J-shaped sella. B. Thoracolumbar Kyphosis.[]

  • Osteogenesis Imperfecta Type 13

    Platybasia and a ‘Jshaped sella turcica were observed.[] He also had platybasia and a ‘Jshaped sella turcica.[] Features of platybasia and a ‘Jshaped sella turcica were noted in 8 individuals.[]

  • Immuno-Osseous Dysplasia

    Skeletal x rays showed an increased anteroposterior skull diameter, a J shaped sella turcica, small iliac wings, small ossification centres of the capital femoral epiphyses[]

  • Bowing of The Long Bones

    A large dolichocephalic skull with J-shaped sella turcica, oval or hook-shaped vertebral bodies with gibbus formation in the thoracolumbar region, underdevelopment of the[]

  • Mucopolysaccharidosis 2

    sella turcica, as well as developmental milestone history were all suggestive of Hunter’s syndrome.[] […] et al.) features, large head, small stubby fingers, mild mental retardation, radiological correlates such as breaking of vertebrae, proximal tapering of metacarpal bones, j-shaped[]

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