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5,022 Possible Causes for Jaundice, Leukocyte Alkaline Phosphatase Increased, Wide Space Between the First and Second Toe

  • Portal Cirrhosis

    It has a lengthy latent period, usually followed by the sudden appearance of abdominal pain and swelling, hematemesis, dependent edema, or jaundice.[] […] within the normal range in patients with latent, asymptomatic cirrhosis, 13, 14 whereas it was consistently reduced in patients with portal cirrhosis accompanied by severe jaundice[] These engorged vessels are subject to rupture with subsequent hemorrhage that is abetted by clotting disorders. jaundice develops as a result of biliary obstruction.[]

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  • Down Syndrome

    We report a 3-month-old male with Down syndrome (DS), prolonged jaundice and poor weight gain, that showed biliary lithiasis and undiagnosed congenital hypothyroidism (CH)[] A wide space, often with a deep fissure between the first and second toes, is also common.[] However, I developed jaundice and was put into an incubator for about two weeks. When we were leaving hospital, the doctor told my mother that I had Down syndrome.[]

  • Cholestasis

    A 35 year-old-woman with vitiligo, jaundice and cholestasis fulfilled serological, biochemical and histological criteria for PBC/AIH overlap.[] Our patient, a 76 year old female, with no past medical history, presented with progressive weakness followed by the onset of jaundice.[] Register Hyperalimentation-associated jaundice: an example of a serum factor inducing cholestasis in rats - 24 Hours access EUR 36.00 GBP 28.00 USD 45.00 Rental This article[]

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  • Macronodular Cirrhosis

    List 3 causes of pre-hepatic jaundice List 2 causes of post-hepatic jaundice. List 3 causes of hepatic jaundice.[] Pruritus is reported when significant jaundice is present.[] Serum bilirubin may be elevated; urinary bilirubin can be present in hepatitis, hepatocellular jaundice, and biliary obstruction. 9.[]

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  • Viral Hepatitis

    Jaundice is a rare clinical presentation in typhoid fever, therefore hepatitis A should be considered in typhoid fever and jaundice because both enterically transmitted disease[] The dilemma in which an anesthesiologist is put is whether to promise the anesthesia straightaway in the face of a demonstrable acute jaundice in pregnancy to advise a postponement[] […] interferon alpha (INF alpha) in patients with different clinical forms of acute viral hepatitis during the first 10 days, from day 11 to day 20, and after day 20 of the onset of jaundice[]

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  • Liver Failure

    Rare disease associated with jaundice, coagulopathy, and hepatic encephalopathy.[] The insult should be a hepatic one and presentation in the form of liver failure (jaundice, encephalopathy, coagulopathy, ascites) with or without extrahepatic organ failure[] One of the first signs of a problem with your child’s liver is jaundice. Jaundice happens when the liver is unable to remove bilirubin, a yellow pigment, from the blood.[]

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  • Hepatocellular Carcinoma

    Jaundice is not necessarily a contraindication for surgery.[] This is a case report of a 56 years old Caucasian female with the chief complaint of jaundice over a duration of 10 days.[] Abstract A 63-year male was admitted with abdominal pain, fever and jaundice.[]

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  • Septicemia

    Jaundice What other disease/condition shares some of these symptoms?[] […] accumulation Impaired oxygenation PaO 2 /FIO 2 Mechanical ventilation with low tidal volume and PEEP Liver Disturbed intracellular and extracellular bile salt transport Jaundice[] Impaired utilization of oxygen in the liver impairs bile salt transport, causing jaundice (yellowish discoloration of skin).[]

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  • Massive Hepatic Necrosis

    Cook GC, Sherlock S: Jaundice and its relation to therapeutic agents.[] Jaundice tnetic Shock 1 Noted to be Jaundiced on day he died 1 Hal 44 Jaundiced last day of life 1 3 Hal 74 History of hepatic disease 9 1 Cyclo 185 Jaundiced last day 1 2[] Jaundice and Cholestasis JAUNDICE retention of bilirubin functions of bile: Emulsification of fat Elimination of systemic waste products Rate of bilirubin production rate[]

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  • Extrahepatic Cholestasis

    Whereas physiologic jaundice constitutes a common finding in neonates, a few cases present with cholestatic jaundice owing to various pathologic conditions, including extrahepatic[] Although in bile duct pathology, and especially in the evaluation of patients with jaundice, transabdominal ultrasonography is the first choice exploration, helicoidal CT,[] Whatever the duration of jaundice, the surface density of the smooth endoplasmic reticulum remained in the normal range in all subjects.[]

    Missing: Wide Space Between the First and Second Toe

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