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15 Possible Causes for Jaw Stiffness, Masseter Spasm

  • Tetanus

    It also had a full blown clinical picture of neonatal tetanus including: masseter spasm; generalized rigidity; a high pitched cry: and intermittent opisthotonos posturing.[] Early symptoms of tetanus include: Painful muscle spasms that begin in the jaw (lock jaw) Stiff neck, shoulder and back muscles Difficulty swallowing Violent generalized muscle[] Symptoms usually begin eight days after the infection, and include headache and muscular stiffness in the jaw, followed by stiffness of the neck, difficulty in swallowing,[]

  • Temporomandibular Joint Subluxation

    The patient will complain of masseter muscle spasm and discomfort.[] After a few weeks, some of the elastics are removed to allow motion and reduce joint stiffness. If the jaw is wired, you can only drink liquids or eat very soft foods.[] Furthermore, spasms of both the masseter and pterygoid muscles worsens as time elapses, therefore making the reduction procedure more difficult [ 2 ].[]

  • Temporomandibular Joint Disorder

    The effect of manual therapy on masseter muscle pain and spasm. electromyogr Clin Neurophysiol. 2010;50:107-12. [ Links ] 3- Bjordal MJ, Couppé C, Chow RT, Tunér J, Ljunggren[] […] the mouth; jaw stiffness; locking of the jaw and others.[] […] muscles upon waking, and stiffness of the jaw or actual trismus.[]

  • Jaw Fracture

    […] of the pterygoid and masseter muscles prevent it from moving back.[] Signs of a broken jaw include: Facial bruising, swelling or numbness. Jaw stiffness, tenderness or pain that worsens with biting and chewing. A bleeding mouth.[] […] appropriate to the individual and to the sport. [ 10, 11 ] Mandibular dislocation The condyle becomes locked when it has extended too far forward (in relation to the eminence) and spasm[]

  • Malignant Hyperthermia

    The triad of masseter spasm, hypercarbia and hyperthermia within 30 minutes of exposure to triggering factors was present and was treated successfully with dantrolene.[] Jaw stiffness was first noted although trachea was intubated without difficulty.[] Neither masseter spasm nor rigidity of the limbs was seen during induction. Body temperature (BT) at induction was 36.0 degrees C.[]

  • Central Core Disease

    Masseter spasm and malignant hyperthermia: a retrospective review of a hospital-based pediatric otolaryngology practice.[] Muscles 601 Case 98 A Boy with Short Stature Small Jaw Muscle Hypertrophy and Stiffness 609 Case 99 An Elderly Woman with Muscle Spasms 612 Case 100 A Woman with Proximal[] Masseter spasm and malignant hyperthermia: a retrospective review of a hospital-based paediatric otolaryngology practice.[]

  • Temporomandibular Joint Dislocation

    Regardless of the subtype (anterior, posterior, superior, medial, or lateral), spasm of the masseter, temporalis and pterygoid muscles ensues and prevents the mandibular condyle[] Your entire face can swell, making your jaw painful and stiff. Bleeding from the mouth can occur, causing breathing difficulties in some people.[] The patient will complain of masseter muscle spasm and discomfort.[]

  • Ludwig's Angina

    This is not a fascial-lined space; infection in this area is in direct contact with the masseter muscle and usually induces intense spasm in the muscle, resulting in a profound[] Nonspecific constitutional symptoms: Fever, malaise, anxiety Pain: Tongue, throat, jaw, chest, neck stiffness Dysphagia, dysphonia Dentition, dental care suboptimal Transport[] Sub-masseteric infections occupy the potential space between the lateral border of the mandible and the masseter muscle.[]

  • Stiff-Person Syndrome

    Botulinum toxin A injections into the bilateral masseter and neck paraspinal muscles provided pain relief and spasm control, illustrating the use of botulinum toxin A injections[] Now it’s in my neck and my jaw, and different parts of me spasm at different times,” she said.[] We present a case of a 48-year-old male patient with SPS who experienced facial and neck muscle spasms that were uncontrolled with oral medications and the use of an intrathecal[]

  • Stiff Skin Syndrome

    Brainstem reflexes: spread of brainstem reflexes into pericranial muscles, reflex spasms; attenuated reflex inhibition (loss of S2 component of masseter inhibitory reflex;[] […] and exhaustion vaginal dryness in women, which can make sex painful rashes (especially after being out in the sun) a dry cough that doesn't go away swelling between the jaw[] […] and ears (swollen salivary glands) muscle pain joint pain , stiffness and swelling difficulty concentrating, remembering and reasoning Some people have other conditions closely[]

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