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543 Possible Causes for Kallmann Syndrome, Kyphoscoliosis, Osteopenia

  • Osteoporosis

    These include Turner syndrome, Klinefelter syndrome, Kallmann syndrome, anorexia nervosa, andropause, hypothalamic amenorrhea or hyperprolactinemia.[] Most fractures in postmenopausal women occur in those with osteopenia, so therapies that are effective in women with osteopenia are needed.[] Multiple fractures of the spine can cause loss of height and significant spinal deformities and patients may develop marked abnormal curvature of the spine (kyphoscoliosis[]

  • Hypogonadotropic Hypogonadism Type 18

    syndrome", abstract "The genetic basis is unknown for 60{\%} of normosmic hypogonadotropic hypogonadism (nHH)/Kallmann syndrome (KS).[] Women with hypogonadotropic hypogonadism are at a high risk of dislipidemia, urogenital disorders and osteopenia.[] Primary amenorrhea Global developmental delay Dentinogenesis imperfecta Ataxia Sensorineural hearing impairment Scoliosis Motor delay Hypertelorism Micrognathia Kyphosis Kyphoscoliosis[]

  • Spondyloepimetaphyseal Dysplasia Type SPONASTRIME

    (PMID: 8269517) Kolodkin AL … Goodman CS (Cell 1993) 2 3 4 58 SEMA3A, a gene involved in axonal pathfinding, is mutated in patients with Kallmann syndrome.[] Abstract We report a child with short stature, osteopenia with metaphyseal striations and severe mental retardation.[] […] lumbar vertebrae interpediculate distance Delayed bone age Delayed carpal bone ossification Flattened capital femoral epiphyses Hypoplastic epiphyses Irregular metaphyses Kyphoscoliosis[]

  • Hereditary Hyperphosphatasia

    UPD chr. 14 Kallmann syndrome type 2 FGFR1 Kallmann syndrome type 4 PROK2 Kallmann syndrome type 5 CHD7 KBG syndrome ANKRD11 Keutel syndrome MGP Kleefstra syndrome EHMT1[] […] in the world literature) autosomal recessive osteopathy (OMIM:239000) that presents in infancy or early childhood and is characterised by rapid remodelling of woven bone, osteopenia[] […] bisphosphonate therapy, but this may lead to osteopetrosis. [ 5, 9 ] Recombinant versions of osteoprotegerin are under research. [ 10 ] Complications Bone pain Pathological fractures Kyphoscoliosis[]

  • Platyspondyly

    ) FGFR1 ( Pfeiffer syndrome, KAL2 Kallmann syndrome ) FGFR2 ( Apert syndrome, Antley–Bixler syndrome, Pfeiffer syndrome, Crouzon syndrome, Jackson–Weiss syndrome ) FGFR3[] Radiologic features included mild to moderate platyspondyly, mild to moderate osteopenia of the spine, small ileum, flat proximal femoral epiphyses, short, wide femoral necks[] Kniest syndrome (autosomal dominant; kyphoscoliosis, shortened tubular bones). Metatrophic dysplasia (severe kyphoscoliosis, narrow chest, metaphyseal flaring).[]

  • Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome

    Il touche plus souvent les individus de sexe… … Wikipédia en Français Syndrome de Kallmann — Le syndrome de Kallmann est une affection rare (estimée à 1/10 000) qui associe[] The presence of positive findings such as microcornea, osteopenia, ocular rupture, arterial rupture is specific for EDS VI and can lead to the correct diagnosis.[] […] develop kyphoscoliosis later in infancy.[]

  • Spondyloepimetaphyseal Dysplasia-Hypotrichosis Syndrome

    PROKR2) Kallmann syndrome 3 KAL4 (offiz. PROK2) Hypogonadism, hypogonadotropic Kallmann syndrome 4 KAL5 (off.[] […] epiphysis morphology Disproportionate short stature Restrictive ventilatory defect Spondyloepiphyseal dysplasia Epiphyseal dysplasia Rhizomelia Abnormality of the dentition Osteopenia[] Note scalp hypotrichosis and kyphoscoliosis. Fig. 4.[]

  • Multicentric Osteolysis-Nodulosis-Arthropathy Spectrum

    PROKR2) Kallmann syndrome 3 KAL4 (offiz. PROK2) Hypogonadism, hypogonadotropic Kallmann syndrome 4 KAL5 (off.[] Most people with MONA develop low bone mineral density (osteopenia) and thinning of the bones (osteoporosis) throughout the skeleton.[] Kyphoscoliosis MedGen UID: 154361 • Concept ID: C0575158 • Anatomical Abnormality An abnormal curvature of the spine in both a coronal (lateral) and sagittal (back-to-front[]

  • Tollner-Horst-Manzke Syndrome

    Kaler Garrity Stern Syndrome Kallmann syndrome Kantaputra Gorlin Syndrome Kaplan Plauchu Fitch Syndrome Kaplowitz Bodurtha syndrome Kapur Toriello Syndrome Karak Syndrome[] […] seizures, and brain atrophy Potassium aggravated myotonia Potato nose Potocki-Lupski syndrome Potocki-Shaffer syndrome Potter sequence PPM-X syndrome Prader-Willi habitus, osteopenia[] Epilepsy, Hearing Loss, and Mental Retardation Syndrome euthyroid sick syndrome Evans' syndrome EVEN-PLUS SYNDROME exfoliation syndrome FACES Syndrome Facial Abnormalities, Kyphoscoliosis[]

  • Alpha-Mannosidosis

    Hypophosphatasia 140 Weaver Syndrome 19 Kallmann Syndrome 141 WeillMarchesani Syndrome 20 Laron Dwarfism 142 WeismannNetterStuhl Syndrome 21 Lipodystrophy Acquired Generalized[] Meanwhile, skeletal abnormalities characteristic of the disease may include osteopenia, bone thickening calvarial, deformation of the vertebrae, bowlegged or knock knees,[] Presentation was classic, viz. delayed speech, kyphoscoliosis and hearing loss at the age of 4 years.[]

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