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176 Possible Causes for Kallmann Syndrome, Male Hypogonadism, Male Sterility

  • Primary Male Hypogonadism

    Androgen deficiency in the aging male. Fertil Steril 2004;81:1437-1440. Behre HM, Kliesch S, Leifke E, et al.[] Secondary hypogonadism can be caused by Kallmann syndrome, pituitary or hypothalamic tumors or disorders, obesity, diabetes and Prader-Willi syndrome.[] Aim: The creation of new experimental model of primary male hypogonadism.[]

  • Male Hypogonadism

    Disorders Causing Pituitary Hypogonadism Brain and pituitary tumors Hemochromatosis Kallmann syndrome Weight loss Obesity Diabetes Testicular Disorders Causing Hypogonadism[] Aromatase inhibitors for male infertility. Fertil Steril. 2012;98:1359-1362. Zumoff B, Miller LK, Strain GW.[] In most cases, male hypogonadism is diagnosed through detailed history, physical examination and a few basic hormonal evaluations.[]

  • Cryptorchidism

    Whereas the duplication mutation has not been reported before, p.Pro26Leu was once observed in a Kallmann syndrome patient.[] Furthermore, deletion of gametocyte-specific factor 1 (GTSF1), a factor involved in Piwi-mediated transcriptional repression, causes male-specific sterility and derepression[] Male hypogonadism: an extended classification based on a developmental, endocrine physiology-based approach. Andrology. 2013; 1:3-16. 18.[]

  • Klinefelter Syndrome

    Gynecomastia may be present Genetic disease that produces sterile males with small testes lacking sperm due to xxy karyotype Klinefelter's syndrome is a condition that occurs[] All patients with Kallmann syndrome required long term testosterone treatment.[] Male Hypogonadism. p. 367. CrossRef Google Scholar Amory, John K. and Bremner, William J. 2017. Male Hypogonadism. p. 187.[]

  • Panhypopituitarism

    Hypogonadotropic hypogonadism Idiopathic growth hormone deficiency Isolated deficiency of gonadotropin Isolated deficiency of growth hormone Isolated deficiency of pituitary hormone Kallmann's[] hypogonadism, and estradiol for female hypogonadism (usually with a progestogen to inhibit unwanted effects on the uterus).[] syndrome Lymphocytic hypophysitis Transsphenoidal adenomectomy Congenital - Usually presents in childhood, but can present later with features such as delayed puberty; heritable[]

  • Laurence Moon Syndrome

    Hypophosphatasia 140 Weaver Syndrome 19 Kallmann Syndrome 141 WeillMarchesani Syndrome 20 Laron Dwarfism 142 WeismannNetterStuhl Syndrome 21 Lipodystrophy Acquired Generalized[] Grand father had polydactyly, aunt (father's sister) had polydactyly with sterility.[] […] in males, renal involvement.[]

  • Hypogonadism

    […] aging male, Fertility and Sterility, 10.1016/j.fertnstert.2008.08.094, 90, 5, (S83-S87), (2008).[] BACKGROUND: Congenital hypogonadotrophic hypogonadism (CHH) and Kallmann syndrome (KS) are caused by disruption to the hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal (H-P-G) axis.[] MALE HYPOGONADISM 2.[]

  • Kallmann Syndrome

    Kallmann syndrome is the result of a genetic defect.[] It affects primarily males at an incidence of 1 out of 10,000 and the disease becomes apparent when they fail to begin puberty and to develop secondary sexual characteristics[] Causes Male hypogonadism means the testicles don't produce enough of the male sex hormone testosterone. There are two basic types of hypogonadism: Primary.[]

  • Testicular Atrophy

    Kallmann syndrome has been described in both familial (X-linked and autosomal) and sporadic forms, and its incidence is estimated as 1 case per 30,000 male births and 1 per[] Endocrine Disturbances Chronic alcoholism can also affect gonadal function and lead to testicular atrophy, gynaecomastia (enlargement of male breasts) and sterility.[] Male hypogonadism occurs when a man's testicles cannot produce adequate levels of testosterone. According to Northwestern Memorial Hospital urologist, Dr.[]

  • Eunuchism

    syndrome (olfactogenital dysplasia), isolated thyrotropin deficiency (ITD) and isolated corticotropin deficiency (ICD).[] Safety and Efficacy Trial of Testosterone Undecanoate Completed NCT01765179 Phase 3 Oral testosterone undecanoate 11 Safety and Efficacy of Intranasal TBS-1 Treatment of Male[] It is characterized by the lack of mature male germ cells and testicular hormones. [ MESH : D005058 ] Synonyms: Male hypergonadotropic hypogonadism, Eunuchism, eunuchism,[]

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