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10 Possible Causes for Kallmann Syndrome, Osteopenia, Parosmia

  • Kallmann Syndrome

    […] version of the IFT88 gene into defective cells in the nose, which restored the cilia and allowed a sense of smell. [35] [36] See also [ edit ] Phantosmia Hyperosmia Hyposmia Parosmia[] Kallmann syndrome is the result of a genetic defect.[] Osteopenia and reduced vitamin D levels of 21 nmol/L were identified. He was found to harbor a heterozygous factor-V-Leiden mutation.[]

  • Anosmia

    parosmia score measured by QOD correlated with lower TDI values (all P .05).[] One of them is Kallmann's syndrome. The condition has been noted to be present in families. It is associated with anosmia and hypogonadism.[] […] poorer….” 1(p152) Case Study A 62-year-old Asian American woman with a 2-year history of low back pain consulted in search of a natural alternative to alendronate sodium for osteopenia[]

  • Kallmann Syndrome Type 2

    […] version of the IFT88 gene into defective cells in the nose, which restored the cilia and allowed a sense of smell. [35] [36] See also [ edit ] Phantosmia Hyperosmia Hyposmia Parosmia[] The respective patients are diagnosed with Kallmann syndrome type 2.[] Bone density scan ( DXA ) to check for osteoporosis or osteopenia. [3] [2] Treatment [ edit ] Testosterone gel sachets, Testosterone undecanoate injection (Nebido), Human[]

  • Familial Congenital Nasolacrimal Duct Obstruction

    Part of middle1/3 of sternomastoid & tonsil is pused medially " PAROSMIA---PERVERSION OF SMELL," "PHARYNGITIS- MEMBRANOUS---causes--streptococcal, ludwig's angina, diptheria[] ) FGFR1 ( Pfeiffer syndrome, KAL2 Kallmann syndrome ) FGFR2 ( Apert syndrome, Antley–Bixler syndrome, Pfeiffer syndrome, Crouzon syndrome, Jackson–Weiss syndrome ) FGFR3[] Visceral angiomatosis Hemianopia Conjunctival telangiectasia Hypoplastic pubic bone Narrow greater sacrosciatic notches Severe short stature Increased bone mineral density Osteopenia[]

  • Proximal Myopathy with Extrapyramidal Signs

    […] intracranial hypertension, vertigo Frequency not reported : Peripheral neuropathy, demyelinating polyneuropathy, nerve conduction abnormal, neurolipidosis, neuromyopathy, parosmia[] Trauma, Kallmann's syndrome, Hencken's syndrome, and Foster–Kennedy syndrome are also considered when cranial nerve I is involved.[] Generalized osteopenia leading to fractures during childhood, with osteoporosis later in life, has also been reported.[]

  • Autosomal Dominant Spastic Ataxia Type 1

    SYN: parosmia, parosphresia. [dys- G. osme, smell] dysosteogenesis (dis′os-te-o-jen′e-sis) Defective bone formation. SYN: dysostosis.[] Syndrom MLL2 Kallmann-Syndrom KAL1, FGFR1, CHD7, FGF8, PROK2, PROKR2, KISS1R, GNRHR kongenitales zentrales Hypoventilationssyndrom PHOX2B Lamelläre Ichtyosis ABCA12, TGM1[] CYP27A1 /sterol-27 hydroxylase Hwang et al. [ 60 ] Ataxia, xanthomas, dementia, cranial nerve palsy, pyramidal signs, cataracts No Suh et al. [ 61 ] Xanthomas, cataract, osteopenia[]

  • Amaurosis-Hypertrichosis Syndrome

    Papilloedema, Paradoxical Drug Reaction, Paraesthesia, Paraesthesia Circumoral, Paraesthesia Oral, Paralysis, Paranoia, Paraplegia, Parasomnia, Parkinsonism, Parkinson's Disease, Parosmia[] […] of lacrimal and salivary glands) FGF23 (Hypophosphatemic rickets, autosomal dominant) FGF3 (Deafness, congenital with inner ear agenesis, microtia, and microdontia) FGF8 (Kallmann[] […] disease DPM2-CDG Ablepharon macrostomia syndrome Ulna hypoplasia with mental retardation Chromosome 19q13.11 deletion syndrome Spinocerebellar ataxia autosomal recessive 8 Osteopenia[]

  • Haff Syndrome

    Ornithinemia (types I, II) Ornithine transcarbamylase deficiency Type 1 Excludes hereditary choroidal dystrophy ( H31.2- ) Hyperosmia R43.1 ICD-10-CM Diagnosis Code R43.1 Parosmia[] Generalized osteopenia, delayed bone age, and craniosynostosis have also been described. Figure 1 A, B, C.[] Hypogonadotropic hypogonadism Idiopathic growth hormone deficiency Isolated deficiency of gonadotropin Isolated deficiency of growth hormone Isolated deficiency of pituitary hormone Kallmann's[]

  • Cutaneous Photosensitivity - Lethal Colitis Syndrome

    Common (1% to 10%): Headache, dizziness, paresthesia, dysgeusia Uncommon (0.1% to 1%): Somnolence, hypesthesia Frequency not reported : Syncope, convulsion, anosmia, ageusia, parosmia[] - dysmorphism - Kallmann Psychomotor retardation due to syndrome S-adenosylhomocysteine hydrolase deficiency Braddock syndrome Qazi-Markouizos syndrome Brain demyelination[] […] incidence (/100,000) Number of published cases or families 1515 Cranioectodermal dysplasia 39 Cases 85168 Craniofacial conodysplasia 1 Family 314555 Craniofacial dysplasia- osteopenia[]

  • Absent Tibia - Polydactyly - Arachnoid Cyst Syndrome

    Anosmia or parosmia (352). c. Epistaxis (784.7), recurrent. d. Nasal polyps (471), unless surgery was performed at least 1 year before examination. e.[] […] punctata Brachytelephalangy-dysmorphism-Kallmann syndrome Brain malformation-congenital heart disease-postaxial polydactyly syndrome Brain-lung-thyroid syndrome Bruck syndrome[] […] papillary (TPC) Thyroid hormone plasma membrane transport defect Thyroid, renal and digital anomalies Ti-Tl Tibia absent polydactyly arachnoid cyst Tibiae bowed radial anomalies osteopenia[]

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