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452 Possible Causes for Kayser-Fleischer Ring

  • Keratoconus

    Keratoconus has been known to be associated with various ocular conditions. To describe a case of high hyperopia, keratoconus and pigmentary retinopathy. An eight year old boy, whose initial refractive error was high hyperopia with short axial length of 20mm, presented as bilateral advanced keratoconus with acute[…][]

  • Primary Biliary Cirrhosis

    25%) Splenomegaly (15%) Jaundice (10%) Xanthelasma (10%) - In late stages of the disease Sicca syndrome (50-75%) - Xerophthalmia (ie, dry eyes), xerostomia (ie, dry mouth) Kayser-Fleischer[] Splenomegaly (15%) Jaundice (10%) Xanthomas and Xanthelasmas (10%): In late stages of the disease Sicca syndrome (50-75%): Xerophthalmia (ie, dry eyes), xerostomia (ie, dry mouth) Kayser-Fleischer[] rings (extremely rare) Stigmata of advanced liver disease (ie, cirrhosis), such as spider nevi, palmar erythema, ascites, temporal and proximal muscle wasting, and peripheral[]

  • Wilson Disease

    PURPOSE: The purpose of the study is to present anterior segment optical coherence tomography (AS-OCT) as an alternative method of evaluating Kayser-Fleischer (KF) ring in[] PURPOSE: To present anterior segment optical coherence tomography (AS-OCT) findings of the Kayser-Fleischer (KF) ring in Wilson disease (WD) and to discuss the potential advantages[] The key features of Wilson disease are liver disease and cirrhosis, neuropsychiatric disturbances, Kayser-Fleischer rings, and acute episodes of hemolysis, often in association[]

  • Cryptogenic Cirrhosis

    The exact nature of these rings could not be determined, and they were considered as Kayser-Fleischer-like rings.[] The exact nature of these rings could not be determined, and they were considered as Kayser-Fleischer-like rings. ( Arch Intern Med 138:1857-1858, 1978)[] The patient also underwent ophthalmology evaluation for KayserFleischer ring that was negative. Serum ceruloplasmin level of the patient was within normal limits.[]

  • Chronic Active Hepatitis B

    Abstract Hepatitis B virus associated DNA polymerase activity, hepatitis b surface antigen (HBsAg), and serum aspartate aminotransferase were followed in 21 patients with chronic active hepatitis while immunosuppressive therapy (prednisone /- azathioprine) was being withdrawn. In every case, DNA polymerase activity[…][]

  • Disorder of Copper Metabolism

    Abstract A patient with progressive neurological disease resembling Wilson's disease but in whom Kayser-Fleischer rings were absent, was given 67Cu and 64Cu, orally and intravenously[] We report a patient who developed features of neurological and ocular manifestations: incoordination and tremor and blurring of vision with presence of Kayser-Fleischer ring[] Some copper is deposited around the rim of the cornea and edge of the iris, causing Kayser-Fleischer rings. The rings appear to encircle the iris.[]

  • Ocular Chalcosis

    KayserFleischer rings ( KF rings ) are dark rings that appear to encircle the iris of the eye.[] -wide, flat, band-shaped Kayser-Fleischer-ring deposition along the limbus at the Des-cemet's area.[] It may be deposited over Descemet's membrane seen clinically as KayserFleischer ring.[]

  • Arcus Juvenilis

    Corneal Arcus; Kayser-Fleischer Ring; Corneal Neovascularization … This Causes.[] Arcus Senilis Pterygium Kayser Fleischer ring Phlycten Correct Answer: 3.[] Kayser-Fleischer Ring • Named after Dr. Bernhard Kayser (1902) and Dr.[]

  • Hereditary Corneal Dystrophy

    Phthisical cornea 371.10 Corneal deposit, unspecified 371.11 Anterior corneal pigmentations 371.12 Stromal corneal pigmentations 371.13 Posterior corneal pigmentations 371.14 Kayser-Fleischer[] ring H18.041 Kayser-Fleischer ring, right eye H18.042 Kayser-Fleischer ring, left eye H18.043 Kayser-Fleischer ring, bilateral H18.049 Kayser-Fleischer ring, unspecified[] ring 371.15 Other corneal deposits associated with metabolic disorders 371.16 Argentous corneal deposits 371.20 Corneal edema, unspecified 371.21 Idiopathic corneal edema[]

  • Pallidopyramidal Syndrome

    1 Kayser-Fleischer ring Journal of Postgraduate Medicine, Year 2008, Volume 54, Issue 3 2 Commentary Çoban Arzu Journal of Neurosciences in Rural Practice, Year 2013, Volume[] Wilson disease: Copper in the eye Takkar Brijesh, Temkar Shreyas, Venkatesh Pradeep The National Medical Journal of India, Year 2018, Volume 31, Issue 2 6 Evaluation of KayserFleischer[] fleischer ring: A strong clinical indicator of neuro-wilson's Selvaraj Rajalakshmi, Kaliaperumal Subashini, Kumari Pooja TNOA Journal of Ophthalmic Science and Research,[]

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