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193 Possible Causes for Kidney Failure, Splinter Hemorrhage

  • Microscopic Polyangiitis

    Cutaneous lesions (purpura, splinter hemorrhages) are found in 44 to 58% of the patients.[] This study describes the incidence and outcomes of European patients requiring renal replacement therapy (RRT) for kidney failure due to antineutrophil cytoplasmic antibody[] Nail bed infarcts and splinter hemorrhages may occur; digital ischemia occurs rarely.[]

  • Nail Abnormality

    Certain infections (especially of the heart valve) may cause red streaks in the nail bed ( splinter hemorrhages).[] NAIL ABNORMALITIES Discolored Nails Half white, half brown nails  Kidney failure Green-black  Pseudomonas  Give antibiotic drops  Soak in antiseptic solution  Soak in[] This can be found in people with arsenic poisoning, kidney failure, respiratory condition.[]

  • Cryoglobulinemia

    Diagnosis Pathology: dermal leukocytoclastic vasculitis - perivascular polymorphonuclear infiltration with tissue extravasation and fragmentation in the dermis Clinical Splinter[] Cryoglobulinemia is rarely reported in children, and kidney failure secondary to cryoglobulinemia is even more uncommon.[] The presence of blood and protein in the urine can alert your doctor to kidney damage, which can lead to kidney failure.[]

  • Vasculitis

    Spider Nevus or Nevi, Splinter hemorrhages, Spider Veins,Telangiectasia — A discolored patch of skin that takes the form or a red, raised dot the size of a pin-head with small[] Vasculitis affecting the kidneys can cause kidney failure. What tests diagnose vasculitis?[] Kidney failure does not produce many symptoms until a lot of damage has occurred.[]

  • Hemorrhage

    See Cerebral hemorrhage , Fetomaternal hemorrhage , Intracerebral hemorrhage , Intracranial hemorrhage , Lobar intracerebral hemorrhage , Splinter hemorrhage , Subarachnoid[] Serious postpartum hemorrhage can lead to stroke, organ failure, kidney failure and other serious medical conditions.[] […] occurring in minute spots. splinter hemorrhages linear hemorrhages beneath the nail. hemorrhage (hĕm′ər-ĭj) n. 1.[]

  • Disseminated Histoplasmosis

    To the best of our knowledge no splinter hemorrhages had previously been reported in a patient with histoplasmosis.[] We present a case of a 64-year-old man with a prolonged history of fatigue, weight loss, fever, and kidney failure.[] Histoplasmosis was acquired in South America; its manifestations included prolonged fever, splinter hemorrhages, erythema multiforme, arthritis, and mediastinal lymphadenopathy[]

  • Urethritis

    hemorrhages, Roth spots, Janeway lesions, and Osler nodes.[] If the infection is not treated, back pressure may prevent urine from leaving the kidneys, causing kidney failure .[] […] thorough cardiovascular examination should be performed to evaluate for evidence of murmurs associated with endocarditis or myocarditis in addition to other classical changes: splinter[]

  • Livedo Reticularis

    hemorrhages, and anetoderma.[] Some of the other possible causes of the disorder are mentioned below: Thrombocytosis Polycythaemia rubra vera Syphilis Tuberculosis Lyme disease Acute kidney failure Use[] hemorrhages, and anetoderma (a circumscribed area of loss of dermal elastic tissue) Other neurological manifestations Cognitive dysfunction, chorea, headache or migraine,[]

  • Cholesterol Embolism

    Hemorrhages (see Splinter Hemorrhages , [[Splinter Hemorrhages]]) Gastrointestinal Manifestations Acute Mesenteric Ischemia/Infarction (see Acute Mesenteric Ischemia , [[[] Neurology Confusion, delirium Weakness Kidney Kidney failure Muscle Weakness and pain How is it diagnosed?[] Skin manifestations include livedo reticularis, “blue toes,” splinter hemorrhages, ulcerations, purpura/petechiae of the lower extremities, or gangrene.[]

  • Retinopathy

    : Splinter hemorrhages that occur in the more superficial nerve fiber layer Retinal edema and hard exudates: Caused by the breakdown of the blood-retina barrier, allowing[] Information for People with Diabetes Diabetes is a very serious disease that can cause problems like blindness, heart disease, kidney failure, and amputations.[] […] microaneurysms if they are small; they occur as microaneurysms rupture in the deeper layers of the retina, such as the inner nuclear and outer plexiform layers Flame-shaped hemorrhages[]

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