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240 Possible Causes for Kleine-Levin Syndrome

  • Overeating

    There are several known risk factors for overeating, including negative feelings and hunger. It was hypothesized that overtime work is associated with stress responses and later dinner times, leading to longer periods of time without eating, and that this, in turn, leads to a strong experience of hunger and[…][]

  • Head Injury

    To retrospectively analyse the surgical management and outcomes of non-missile open head injuries (NMOHI). Forty-four patients who suffered from NMOHI were included. The Glasgow outcome score (GOS), computed tomography (CT), aetiology and outcomes and complications at discharge and during a 6-month follow-up[…][]

  • Hypersomnia

    Kleine-Levin syndrome and menstrual-related hypersomnia are rare idiopathic sleep disorders occurring primarily in adolescence.[] A … Read more What is Kleine-Levin Syndrome? Kleine-Levin Syndrome (KLS) is a rare sleep disorder.[] Here, we present diagnostic difficulties in two adolescents with narcolepsy and Kleine-Levin syndrome.[]

  • Purging-Type Bulimia Nervosa

    In addition to anorexia, a number of disorders may mimic bulimia, including: borderline personality disorder brain tumors depression epileptic seizures Klein-Levin syndrome[] KleinLevin syndrome, also rare, is more common in men and consists of hyperphagia and periodic hypersomnia.[] Klüver-Bucy syndrome is a rare condition characterized by hyperphagia, hypersexuality, and compulsive licking and biting.[]

  • Hyperpyrexia

    Abstract A fatal case of "heat stroke" occurring on exercise in temperate conditions is described. Possible mechanisms for increased susceptibility are discussed and attention is drawn to a possible overlap with the malignant hyperpyrexia (MH) syndrome. The second day of strenuous exercise may be a time of[…][]

  • Hypothalamic Lesion

    Periodic disorders. 28.1 Kleine-Levin syndrome (periodic somnolence and morbid hunger). 28.2 Spontaneous periodic fever, hypothermia, Shapiro syndrome and periodic Cushing's[] […] of lesions on aggression. 26.4 Depression and mania. 26.5 The hypothalamus in mental deficiency. 26.6 Obsessive-compulsive disorder. 26.7 Anxiety disorders. 26.8 Fatigue syndromes[]

  • Kleine-Levin Syndrome

    "First Attack of Kleine-Levin Syndrome Triggered by Influenza B Mimicking Influenza-associated Encephalopathy".[] syndrome Kleine Levin syndrome Familial hibernation syndrome Kleine-Levin Syndrome edit English Kleine-Levin syndrome recurrent hypersomnia that is characterized by recurring[] KleineLevin syndrome ( KLS ), is a rare sleep disorder characterized by persistent episodic hypersomnia and cognitive or mood changes.[]

  • Upper Respiratory Infection

    STUDY OBJECTIVES: In Kleine-Levin Syndrome (KLS), new episodes of hypersomnia are often preceded by an acute flu-like syndrome or upper airway infection 3 to 5 days before[]

  • Japanese Encephalitis

    Symptoms Less than 1% of people infected with Japanese encephalitis (JE) virus develop clinical illness. In persons who develop symptoms, the incubation period (time from infection until illness) is typically 5-15 days. Initial symptoms often include fever, headache, and vomiting. Mental status changes, neurologic[…][]

  • California Encephalitis

    Abstract Precipitin antibodies to California group arboviruses were studied by double agar gel immunodiffusion (ID) and counterimmunoelectrophoresis (CEP). Forty children with California encephalitis (CE), 12 patients with other forms of meningoencephalitis, and 120 residents of endemic CE areas were tested. Precipitin[…][]

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