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162 Possible Causes for Koplik Spot

  • Viral Exanthem

    In addition, mucosal patches, known as Koplik spots, are seen in the oral mucosa and are hallmarks of this viral exanthem.[] Condition Incubation period Prodrome Rash Other Dx features Measles (Rubeola) 9-14 days Fever Cough, Conjunctivitis Rhinitis Maculopapular – face to extremities Koplik spots[] spots for this disease What are Koplik's spots?[]

  • Measles

    Figure 1: Koplik spots (arrows) in a 30-year-old man with measles, observed on the second day of the rash.[] Español: Signos y síntomas del sarampión Koplik Spots Mouth of a patient with Koplik spots, an early sign of measles infection.[] The rash appears 3 to 5 days after symptom onset, usually 1 to 2 days after Koplik spots appear.[]

  • Atypical Measles

    spots, a shortened prodromal period, atypical rash, and pneumonia.[] spots.[] Koplik spots are absent. Medical dictionary. 2011.[]

  • Stomatitis

    spots Systemic disorder Malnutrition including iron deficiency and vitamin c deficiency (scurvy) Inflammatory bowel disease Behçet disease Kawasaki disease Erythema multiforme[] spots appear.[] spots (measles) Ulcers (erythema multiforme) Smooth, fire red, painful (pellagra) Varicella-zoster virus Differential Diagnosis Hand-foot-mouth disease, herpangina Primary[]

  • Measles Pneumonia

    The atypical nature of the rash and the absence of Koplik's spots indicated a high risk of progression to fatal giant cell pneumonia.[] These cells are found in "Koplik’s spots", lymphnodes Image Link1 ; Image link2 and other reticulo-endothelial organs.[] They’re called Koplik’s spots, named for pediatrician Henry Koplik who first described the early symptoms of measles in 1896.[]

  • Ondine Syndrome

    -Pathognomonic signs allowing an occasional early diagnosis: For example, Koplik spots in a febrile child are found only with measles.[]

  • Vasomotor Instability

    Esp. if Koplik Spots are mentioned. Levido reticularis caused by?[] Koplik spots are associated with what viral exanthem? Rubeola...for buccal mucosa.[]

  • Rubella

    About two days after the first symptoms arise, patches called Koplik spots (or Koplik's spots) may appear on the inside of the cheeks.[] Koplik spots are tiny blue-white spots which appear up to 2 days before or after the rash shows up.[] Koplik spots Koplik spots Koplik spots The rash begins on the fourth or fifth day on the face and behind the ears.[]

  • Severe Idiopathic Pneumococcemia

    spots develop on the buccal mucosa, appearing as white spots on an erythematous base. - W/i a couple of days after the Koplik spots appear, an exanthem develops which consists[] […] incubation period lasts for 7-14 days - Then prodrome of high fevers, often 104 F, with the classic triad of cough, coryza, and conjunctivitis - A couple of days later, Koplik[]

  • Fixed Eruption

    spots, the pathognomonic enanthem of measles, begin as small, bright red macules that have a 1–2-mm blue–white speck ...[] On mucous membranes, Koplik's spots (tiny bluish-white papules with erythematous areolae) may develop.[] It is characterized by a prodrome of fever (as high as 105 F) and malaise, cough, coryza, and conjunctivitis -the three “C”s -, a pathognomonic enanthema (Koplik spots) followed[]

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