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1,750 Possible Causes for Kussmaul Respiration, Persistent Lactic Acidosis, Stupor

  • Acidosis

    In respiratory acidosis, the earliest symptoms are Drowsiness may progress to stupor and coma as the oxygen in the blood becomes inadequate.[] Hyperlactatemia is defined as a persistent, mild to moderate (2-4 mmol/L) increase in blood lactate concentration without metabolic acidosis , whereas lactic acidosis is characterized[] ., dyspnea, marked Kussmaul respirations) These patients generally have severe metabolic acidosis with respiratory compensation.[]

  • Lactic Acidosis

    As the acid level goes up these symptoms progress to stupor, unconsciousness, coma, and death.[] […] interval: 2.5-20.6; P CONCLUSION: In the absence of risk factors associated with persistent lactic acidosis, such as shock or acute kidney or liver injury, continued peri-operative[] lactic acidosis CAUSES (Cohen & Woods classification) Type A – Inadequate Oxygen Delivery anaerobic muscular activity (sprinting, generalised convulsions) tissue hypoperfusion[]

  • Diabetic Ketoacidosis

    The main symptoms of DKA include: Heavy or laboured breathing Nausea and vomiting Excessive thirst Stomach pains Stupor or unconsciousness What should I do?[] He was tachypneic with a respiratory rate of 35/minute; the pattern was characteristic of Kussmaul's respiration.[] Confusion, lethargy, stupor and ultimately coma may be seen in patients with severe cases of diabetic ketoacidosis.[]

    Missing: Persistent Lactic Acidosis
  • Acute Renal Failure

    Swiss Med Wkly. 2012 Aug 14;142:w13662. doi: 10.4414/smw.2012.13662. eCollection 2012. Author information 1 Pediatric Cardiac Anesthesia/Intensive Care Unit, Department of Pediatric Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery, Bambino Gesù Children's Hospital, Rome, Italy. Abstract The term acute kidney injury (AKI)[…][]

    Missing: Persistent Lactic Acidosis
  • Diabetic Ketotic Coma

    Typically, the patient, a middle-aged or old person with diabetes mellitus of recent onset or without previous history of the disease, lapses into stupor and unconsciousness[] respiration, acetone breath, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain Mental confusion, DehydrationComa Lab Investigations Plasma glucose Serum Urea Serum creatinine Serum ketones[] , coma Stupor, coma Over the past few decades, hyperosmolar hyperglycemic state has had many names and acronyms, including nonketotic hypertonicity, hyperosmolar nonketosis[]

    Missing: Persistent Lactic Acidosis
  • Metabolic Acidosis

    We report a 33 year-old woman addicted to chronic unspecified solvents abuse with stupor, respiratory disorders, tetraplegia and severe metabolic acidosis.[] Kussmaul’s respirations B. Glucose 110 C. Hypoventilation D. Neuro-excitability The answer is A: Kussmaul’s respirations 10.[] In respiratory acidosis, the earliest symptoms are Drowsiness may progress to stupor and coma as the oxygen in the blood becomes inadequate.[]

    Missing: Persistent Lactic Acidosis
  • Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome

    Hydrochlorothiazide (HCTZ) is a commonly prescribed sulfonamide thiazide-type diuretic medication that has been associated with rare cases of noncardiogenic pulmonary edema. A man in his 50s with a medical history notable for hypertension was transferred to our institution for evaluation of refractory hypoxemia.[…][]

    Missing: Persistent Lactic Acidosis
  • Salicylate Poisoning

    Late signs are fever, agitation, or conversely, lethargy, convulsions, and stupor.[] Vertigo Hyperventilation Hyperactivity Symptoms occurring as the toxicity or poisoning progresses: Agitation Delirium Disorientation Respiratory acidosis Hallucinations Stupor[]

    Missing: Persistent Lactic Acidosis
  • Methanol Poisoning

    There may be mild to profound loss of memory, confusion, and agitation, which may progress to stupor and coma as the severity of the acidosis increases (Suit 1990).[] Patients A and C were severely acidotic, obtunded and had Kussmaul’s respiration. All three patients were haemodynamically stable.[] 100 ml) Mild muscle incoordination 50 -100 mg/ml Slow react ion time Blurred vision Incoordination Decreased inhibition 50 mg/100 ml Decreased motor skill 100 - 300 mg/ml Stupor[]

    Missing: Persistent Lactic Acidosis
  • Alcoholic Ketoacidosis

    […] coma Stupor/coma Serum bicarbonate 15 to 18 mEq per L (15 to 18 mmol per L) 10 to 15 mEq per L (10 to 15 mmol per L) 10 mEq per L (10 mmol per L) 18 mEq per L (18 mmol per[] A 66-year-old man with a history of chronic alcoholism presented with Kussmaul respirations following several days of fasting accompanied by vomiting, in the presence of continued[] respiration (if marked acidaemia) tachycardia volume depletion INVESTIGATIONS ABG: metabolic acidosis, ketonaemia, ketonuria (may have metabolic alkalosis if has severe vomiting[]

    Missing: Persistent Lactic Acidosis

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