177 Possible Causes for Labyrinthine Fistula

  • Mastoiditis

    Labyrinthine fistula may co-exist in these cases.[otologytextbook.net] E xtracranial complications may include mastoiditis, postauricular abscess, petrous apicitis, labyrinthine fistula, facial nerve paralysis, or acute suppurative labyrinthitis[emdocs.net] There are some general principles regarding the management of a labyrinthine fistula.[otologytextbook.net]

  • Middle Ear Cholesteatoma

    Management of labyrinthine fistulae secondary to cholesteatoma. Am J Otology. 1996;17:410-415. 14. McCabe BF. Labyrinthine fistula in chronic mastoiditis.[annsaudimed.net] [Epub ahead of print Lim J1, Gangal A1, Gluth MB1.Surgery for Cholesteatomatous Labyrinthine Fistula.[dizziness-and-balance.com] Tympano ossicular chain disruption and mastoid abscesses Tympano ossicular chain disruption, labyrinthine fistula as well as mastoid abscesses are intratemporal complication[explainmedicine.com]

  • Meniere's Disease

    For example, vestibular neuronitis, benign positional vertigo, viral labyrinthitis, perilymph fistula, vascular compression of the eighth cranial nerve, chronic labyrinthitis[audiologyonline.com] First described through the retrolabyrinthine approach in 1979, the combined retro-labyrinthine/retrosigmoid vestibular neurectomy is an evolution in our technique and our[audiologyonline.com]

  • Basilar Skull Fracture

    These fractures may run either anterior or posterior to the cochlea and labyrinthine capsule, ending in the middle cranial fossa near the foramen spinosum or in the mastoid[drhem.wordpress.com] Cochlear and vestibular damage can result with deafness and labyrinthine dysfunction.[skullbaseinstitute.com] […] fracture may affect the III, IV, and VI cranial nerves and also may disrupt the internal carotid artery and potentially result in pseudoaneurysm formation and caroticocavernous fistula[drhem.wordpress.com]

  • Stapedectomy

    Patients with evidence of balance problems in the first week should be started on labyrinthine compensatory exercises.[m-carlson-1xfe.squarespace.com] In years past, when the oval window was not closed with a seal, perilymphatic fistulas occurred regularly. They are fortunately now rare.[m-carlson-1xfe.squarespace.com] […] the graft generously overlaps the vestibule, as this creates a trampoline-like self-centering action for the prosthesis, and any gap may predispose to a later perilymph fistula[m-carlson-1xfe.squarespace.com]

  • Tinnitus

    The time course of many cases of tinnitus points toward a labyrinthine source.[emedicine.medscape.com] Additionally, dural arteriovenous fistulas can be embolized, and aneurysms can be clipped.[emedicine.medscape.com] […] resonance (MR) imaging with or without MR angiographic scanning may be needed to look for a glomus tumor , arteriovenous malformations , vascular anomalies , dural arteriovenous fistulas[emedicine.medscape.com]

  • Ear Surgery
  • Barotitis
  • Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo
  • Blast Injury

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