806 Possible Causes for Labyrinthitis

  • Otitis Media

    This is known as labyrinthitis .[nhsdirect.wales.nhs.uk] Suppurative complications such as mastoiditis, suppurative labyrinthitis or intracranial infection (meningitis, extradural or subdural abscess, brain abscess) are very uncommon[rch.org.au] Otosclerosis: This is a disease of the otic capsule (bony labyrinth) in the ear, which is more prevalent in adults and characterized by formation of soft, vascular bone leading[entnet.org]

  • Patulous Eustachian Tube

    Maier W, Ross U, Fradis M, Ritcher B (1997) Middle ear pressure and dysfunction of the labyrinth: is there a relationship? Ann OtolRhinolLaryngol 103:478-482.[jneuro.com]

  • Sinusitis

    […] complicate acute ethmoiditis if anterior and posterior ethmoidal veins thrombophlebitis enables the spread of the infection to the lateral or orbital side of the ethmoid labyrinth[en.wikipedia.org]

  • Labyrinthitis

    Labyrinthitis is an ear disorder characterized by inflammation of the semicircular ear canal in the inner ear, known as the labyrinth.[hear-it.org] What is labyrinthitis? Labyrinthitis is the inflammation of part of the inner ear called the labyrinth.[saintlukeshealthsystem.org] However, labyrinthitis may cause long-term or permanent damage.[rexall.ca]

  • Malignant Neoplasm

    […] intervertebral Malignant Secondary • Neoplasm (cancer) (tumor) , neoplastic ensiform cartilage Malignant Secondary • Neoplasm (cancer) (tumor) , neoplastic ethmoid bone or labyrinth[coding-pro.com]

  • Viral Labyrinthitis

    (disorder), Epidemic vertigo (finding), Viral labyrinthitis (disorder) Definition: A labyrinthitis which involves viral infection of the inner ear through the upper airway[zfin.org] Labyrinthitis is a term denoting inflammation and infection of the labyrinth, the constitutive anatomical part of the inner ear.[symptoma.com] Viral Labyrinthitis (Viral infection of the inner ear) The brain and the inner ear communicate information via nerves.[hearingcentral.com]

  • Suppurative Labyrinthitis

    , unspecified 12 386.31 Serous labyrinthitis 13 386.32 Circumscribed labyrinthitis 14 386.34 Toxic labyrinthitis 15 386.35 Viral labyrinthitis 16 386.40 Labyrinthine fistula[healthprovidersdata.com] It can lead to labyrinthitis.[medical-dictionary.thefreedictionary.com] 1 гнойный лабиринтит suppurative labyrinthitis Большой русско-английский медицинский словарь См. также в других словарях: acute suppurative labyrinthitislabyrinthitis in[translate.academic.ru]

  • Meniere's Disease

    Creating a Proper Labyrinthitis and Meniere’s Diet For both Meniere’s disease and labyrinthitis, it’s important to fill your diet with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables[di-vertigo.com] The labyrinth has two parts: Bony labyrinth is the rigid, bony outer wall of the inner ear that consists of cavities (vestibule, semicircular canals and cochlea) hollowed[houstonmethodist.org] It is made up of two parts: Bony labyrinth Membranous labyrinth The membranous labyrinth is encased in bone and contains a fluid calledendolymph.[ohsu.edu]

  • Labyrinthine Fistula

    Stimulation of the labyrinth results in nystagmus and vertigo.[aippg.net] The abnormal opening of the bony labyrinth in the middle ear runs the risk of recurrent labyrinthitis with dizziness, sensorineural hearing loss, purulent labyrinthitis and[globaljournals.org] Similar Codes 1 H83 Other diseases of inner ear 2 H83.0 Labyrinthitis 3 H83.01 Labyrinthitis, right ear 4 H83.02 Labyrinthitis, left ear 5 H83.03 Labyrinthitis, bilateral[healthprovidersdata.com]

  • Labyrinthal Hemorrhage

    Precontrast imaging demonstrated diminished CSF flow signal ( figure 1 ) and an increased T1 signal in the left labyrinth (figure e-1).[neurology.org] Labyrinthitis is inflammation of the membranous labyrinth . Pathology Labyrinthitis can be divided according to aetiology.[radiopaedia.org] Tinnitus may occur in labyrinthitis.[patient.info]

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