Possible Causes for Lactate/Pyruvate Ratio Increased in USA

  • Leigh's Disease
    Lactate/Pyruvate Ratio Increased

    Leigh's disease is an inherited, rapidly progressing metabolic syndrome that primarily affects the central nervous system. It is caused by mutations in the mitochondrial and nuclear DNA, leading to impaired energy utilization and metabolism. Clinical presentation includes the progressive loss of motor skills and other…[1]

  • Lactic Acidosis
    Lactate/Pyruvate Ratio Increased

    Lactic acidosis is a clinical condition where there is an active accumulation of lactic acid in the serum. The rate of buildup of lactic acid in lactic acidosis is faster than the body’s capacity to eliminate it. Lactic acid accumulates in the system when oxygen level in the body drops. The following signs and symptoms…[2]

  • Panic Attacks
    Lactate/Pyruvate Ratio Increased
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