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120 Possible Causes for Lactose Intolerance, Recurrent Abdominal Pain, Upper Abdominal Pain

  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome

    Some people will also experience upper right side abdominal pain without any other symptoms. IBS differs in the amount of stool produced.[] Sixty two (62.5%) of the students with recurrent abdominal pain had IBS. IBS was more prevalent in the females compared to the males (p 0.000).[] BACKGROUND: Symptoms associated with lactose intolerance (LI) and diarrhea-predominant irritable bowel syndrome (IBS-D) are almost the same.[]

  • Cholelithiasis

    We report a 7-year-old boy with sickle cell disease who presented with right upper quadrant abdominal pain.[] Some cases may give rise to recurrent abdominal pain or vomiting.[] Patients with cholelithiasis often have other illnesses (e.g. peptic ulcer, gastro-oesophageal reflux disease, lactose intolerance, coeliac disease, functional dyspepsia,[]

  • Abdominal Migraine

    The diagnosis depends on excluding other causes of abdominal pain. abdominal migraine Intermittent attacks of prolonged and intense upper abdominal pain, often associated[] […] cause of chronic, recurrent, abdominal pain in childhood in the USA.[] I was scoped and tested and worked up for everything from lactose intolerance to crohn's disease.[]

  • Functional Dyspepsia

    Ulcer-like dyspepsia has upper abdominal pain as its predominant symptom.[] Found ( 26 ) clinical trials Phase Functional Dyspepsia Microbiome Study Recurrent abdominal pain has long been acknowledged to be one of the most common chronic pain entities[] Lactose or fructose intolerance, for example, is observed in between 50% and 70% of IBS, patients, respectively.[]

  • Esophagitis

    Eosinophilic Esophagitis Esophagus Dysphagia Chest or upper abdominal pain Food stuck in the esophagus Heartburn that doesn’t respond to medication Regurgitation In children[] Some common symptoms of this condition, which affects the esophagus, include the following: abdominal or chest pain difficulty swallowing or the sensation that food gets caught[] , e.g. lactose intolerance Bloating and flatulence and Aerophagia (swallowing excessive amounts of air) Many people with indigestion suffer in silence, sometimes for years[]

  • Chronic Pancreatitis

    The patient complained of continuous upper abdominal pain. Her medical history included idiopathic chronic pancreatitis.[] Since these patients present with recurrent abdominal pain, ultrasound is often the initial test performed.[] intolerance Female patient is pregnant or breastfeeding Patient intends to conceive a child during the course of the study Patient participates in another investigational[]

  • Sucrose Intolerance

    […] respiratory infection highly susceptible to viral infections failure to thrive weight loss vomiting abdominal distension irritable bowel syndrome abdominal pain bloating[] Lactose intolerance seems to play a contributory role in recurrent abdominal pain in children, while sucrose intolerance does not.[] To clarify the potential role of lactose and sucrose intolerance in children with recurrent abdominal pain (RAP), 38 children with RAP were given lactose intolerance tests[]

  • Ulcerative Colitis

    Eighteen months after surgery, the patient was admitted to hospital following upper abdominal pain and acid regurgitation.[] Patients experience recurrent flares of abdominal pain and bloody diarrhea. Other symptoms include fatigue, weight loss and fever.[] "Lactose intolerance has to do with how much of a specific enzyme you have.[]

  • Dyspepsia

    Dyspepsia is a medical term for the symptoms of chronic or recurrent upper abdominal pain or discomfort.[] Found ( 26 ) clinical trials Phase Functional Dyspepsia Microbiome Study Recurrent abdominal pain has long been acknowledged to be one of the most common chronic pain entities[] An inability to digest milk and dairy products (lactose intolerance). Gallbladder pain (biliary colic) or inflammation (cholecystitis). Anxiety or depression.[]

  • Abdominal Epilepsy

    Upper Abdominal Pain Pain in the upper abdomen is a symptom of seizures in pregnancy that medical professionals believe is due to changes in the liver.[] […] epilepsy is an uncommon cause of recurrent abdominal pain. 1, 2 It is characterised by paroxystic episodes of abdominal pain, diverse abdominal complaints, definite EEG abnormalities[] intolerance Bloating and cramps after ingesting milk products Hydrogen breath test Trial of elimination of lactose-containing foods Pancreatic cancer Severe upper abdominal[]

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