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10 Possible Causes for Lactose Intolerance, Tenderness in the Epigastric Region, Upper Abdominal Pain

  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome

    Some people will also experience upper right side abdominal pain without any other symptoms. IBS differs in the amount of stool produced.[] BACKGROUND: Symptoms associated with lactose intolerance (LI) and diarrhea-predominant irritable bowel syndrome (IBS-D) are almost the same.[] Many IBS patients will describe their abdominal pain as a pressure or band reaching across the right and left upper abdominal quadrants.[]

  • Cholelithiasis

    We report a 7-year-old boy with sickle cell disease who presented with right upper quadrant abdominal pain.[] Patients with cholelithiasis often have other illnesses (e.g. peptic ulcer, gastro-oesophageal reflux disease, lactose intolerance, coeliac disease, functional dyspepsia,[] Figuras y tablas - Analysis 1.1 Comparison 1 Trials of Gandanxiaoshi tablet (herbs) versus Aihuodantong capsule (herbs), Outcome 1 Upper abdominal pain.[]

  • Chronic Pancreatitis

    The patient complained of continuous upper abdominal pain. Her medical history included idiopathic chronic pancreatitis.[] intolerance Female patient is pregnant or breastfeeding Patient intends to conceive a child during the course of the study Patient participates in another investigational[] A 34-year-old man presented with right upper abdominal pain for a few weeks and slightly elevated bilirubin level on clinical findings.[]

  • Chronic Duodenitis

    Abstract Thirty-four consecutive patients presenting to the Endoscopy clinic of the Ahmadu Bello University Teaching Hospital, Zaria with symptoms of upper abdominal pain[] I turned out to be lactose intolerant. Have him tested for food allergies. anon279224 Post 12 I too am going through duodenitis. I was diagnosed with H.[] In moderate to severe cases, patients may have upper abdominal (epigastric) pain, nausea, and might even vomit blood.[]

  • Chronic Cholecystitis

    The physical examination may reveal fever, tachycardia, and tenderness in the RUQ or epigastric region, often with guarding or rebound.[] METHODS: The authors interviewed 269 patients who underwent either OCG, US, or both, for evaluation of chronic right upper quadrant abdominal pain.[] Ferguson 2 doctors agreed: 7 7 Can acute or chronic pancreatitis cause secondary lactose intolerance? Dr. James Ferguson Dr.[]

  • Zieve's Syndrome

    Pain in the right upper quadrant abdominal region is also a common symptom, leading to confusion between Zieve's syndrome and acute cholecystitis.[] Lactose intolerance. MedlinePlus Medical Encyclopedia [On-line information]. Available online at . Accessed July 2011. (2009 August). Whipple's Disease.[] The majority of patients with hemochromatosis appear asymptomatically but when they become symptomatic may present with: fatigue, right upper quadrant abdominal pain, arthralgias[]

  • Tropical Pancreatitis

    On examination, vitals were stable and tenderness was present in the epigastric region.[] In East Africa, chronic pancreatitis (and pancreatic failure) is the commonest cause of malabsorption, but it may present with upper abdominal pain, resembling a peptic ulcer[] Other disorders that may be associated with nonresponsive celiac disease include: Lactose or fructose intolerance Small bowel bacterial overgrowth Exocrine pancreatic insufficiency[]

  • Bochdalek Hernia

    A physical examination revealed tenderness in the epigastric region with costovertebral angle tenderness and decreased breath sounds in the left lower lung.[] A case report of Bochdalek hernia in a 17-year-old woman, complaining of left lateral upper abdominal pain is herein reported with a brief review of the literature.[] intolerance.[]

  • Partial Small Bowel Obstruction

    He had diffuse abdominal tenderness in the epigastric region.[] […] symptoms include more upper abdominal pain, colicky pain and exacerbation of pain by food or stress, as seen in this patient [ 6 ].[] (come and go) abdominal pain Malignant abdominal tumors Intestinal hernia Crohn’s disease Trapped gallstones Symptoms : Cramping pain in the middle or upper abdomen Nausea[]

  • Cecal Volvulus

    Her abdomen was generally tender, maximally in the epigastric region, although she was not peritonitic.[] She was febrile (37.7 C) and tachycardic (105 bpm), with a distended abdomen, decreased peristalsis, and abdominal pain worst in the right upper quadrant with an associated[] intolerance , celiac disease , food allergies Glands Bile system Inflammatory: cholecystitis , cholangitis Obstruction: cholelithiasis , tumours Liver Inflammatory: hepatitis[]