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23 Possible Causes for Lacunar Infarction, Narrow Hands, Somnolence

  • Stroke

    […] cerebral circulation stroke Pure motor lacunar infarction Pure sensorimotor lacunar infarction Pure sensory lacunar infarction R.I.N.D. syndrome Reversible ischemic neurologic[] She improved significantly, and eight hours after tPA therapy, had only moderate expressive speech difficulties and mild hemiparesis on the right (dominant hand) side.[] Smoking causes your blood vessels to narrow and makes your blood more likely to clot.[]

  • Hypertension

    […] sympathetic nervous system discharges that directly elevate BP. 333,334 Poorer quality of sleep and shorter sleep periods may play a reinforcing role in the fatigue and daytime somnolence[] Myocardial infarction and angina identified by electrocardiogram (ECG) or coronary revascularization, and silent events, were considered to meet the inclusion criteria.[] In arterioles, on the other hand, decreases in the density of blood vessels (rarefaction) and in vasomotion amplitude may play a more important role than reductions in lumen[]

  • Atrial Fibrillation

    We report a previously healthy 58-years old female, admitted because of nausea, dizziness, somnolence, a left-sided hemiparesis and arterial hypotension.[] In the studies including lacunar infarcts, new AF was not detected in the majority of studies 25, 38, 39, 43 or at relatively low frequency in the others (2.9% 19 and 7.6%[] The operator's hand is emphasising a prominent branch, which is narrow and has an irregular edge.[]

  • Lactic Acidosis

    We would also have considered adverse events among the outcomes, including peripheral neuropathy, somnolence, nausea, and hospitalisation.[] Lacunar infarcts existed in 23 of 40 patients.[] Poor circulation to hands and feet * Part 2: Chest, Lungs, Heart: 11. Any kind of asthma * 12. Narrowing or tightening feeling in the chest of chest pain * 13.[]

  • Cerebral Thrombosis

    However, during the course of disease the differences in frequency of seizure type and motor deficits vanish.9 Mental status changes especially somnolence/ drowsiness were[] […] cerebral arteries (lacunar infarction); and proximal arterial stenosis with hypotension that decreases cerebral blood flow in arterial watershed zones (hemodynamic stroke)[] In the narrow sense of the term, CT occurs if a thrombus develops within a cerebral vessel (intrinsic cerebral thrombosis, ICT).[]

  • Benedict Syndrome

    Afterwards, he was slightly somnolent and unable to stand or articulate words.[] infarct of the basis pontis supplied by the basilar artery Top o’ the basilar syndrome: abulia (absence of initiative) Parinaud’s CN III palsy Remember: PA 3 (Parinaud’s,[] Hypotensive retinopathy may also include retinal arteriole narrowing, macular edema, and neovascularization in the posterior pole.[]

  • Nothnagel's Syndrome

    Main clinical manifestations include somnolence or transient loss of consciousness, memory loss or mood disturbances, and vertical gaze abnormalities.[] Unilateral internuclear ophthalmoplegia can result from a lacunar infarct — but always remember the possibility of multiple sclerosis.[] -角膜混浊-智力发育不全综合征 Cyclical vomiting syndrome [医]周期性呕吐综合征 D trisomy syndrome [医]D三染色体综合征:脑、心脏、眼畸形,有唇、腭裂及耳聋 DIC syndrome 弥漫性血管内凝血综合征 DOES syndrome [医][ disorders of excusive somnolence[]

  • Ischemic Peripheral Neuropathy

    Pregabalin is also well tolerated despite a greater incidence of dizziness and somnolence [ 29 ].[] Lacunar infarcts can produce a large variety of clinical deficits depending on their location within the brainstem and have been characterized by more than 70 different clinical[] […] strokes are described by the 5 most common lacunar syndromes: pure motor hemiparesis, sensorimotor stroke, ataxic hemiparesis, pure sensory stroke, and dysarthria-clumsy hand[]

  • Carotid Artery Dissection

    Recovery from general anesthesia was somewhat prolonged due to somnolence. Roughly two hours after transfer, her family noticed that she was not moving her left arm.[] Lacunar infarcts: a review. Cerebrovasc Dis. 1991 ; 1 :311–320. Crossref Google Scholar 13 Ghika J, Bogousslavsky J, Regli F.[] On the other hand, CT and MR angiography will most commonly show a narrowed lumen of the internal carotid artery, sometimes called a "flare".[]

  • Spondylitic Aortitis

    Social Problem, Soft Tissue Disorder, Soft Tissue Haemorrhage, Soft Tissue Injury, Soliloquy, Solitary Kidney, Somatic Delusion, Somatisation Disorder, Somatoform Disorder, Somnolence[] Few erosions Protrusio acetabuli Temporomandibular joint Joint space narrowing Erosions Osteophytosis Hand (30%) Target area MCP, PIP, DIP Exuberant osseous proliferation[] Knees Knees demonstrate uniform joint space narrowing with bony proliferation.[]

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