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61 Possible Causes for Lacunar Infarction, Onset at Age 5-10 Years

  • Hypertension

    Myocardial infarction and angina identified by electrocardiogram (ECG) or coronary revascularization, and silent events, were considered to meet the inclusion criteria.[] In general, all patients with young onset-age (  40-50 years) or resistant hypertension should be screened for secondary forms.[] Approximately 80% of all strokes are due to cerebral infarction from large and small (lacunar) vessel disease as well as cardioembolic sources.[]

  • Diabetes Mellitus

    Maternal history of diabetes or GDM during the child's gestation Age of initiation: age 10 years or at onset of puberty, if puberty occurs at a younger age Frequency: every[] 3 years Preferred Test: Fasting plasma glucose Table 5: Modified ADA Guidelines for screening children and youths for T2DM.[]

  • CADASIL Syndrome

    Generally, the cerebral cortex is spared, and subcortical lacunar infarcts are accompanied by abnormal white matter (WM).[] Epilepsy Although little discussed, seizures have significant relevance: 5 to 10% of patients with CADASIL develop epilepsy. The mean age of onset is 50 years 50.[] MRI images were made at 58 years of age, showing very mild symmetric white matter hyperintensities, no lacunar infarcts and no microbleeds.[]

  • Vascular Dementia

    The intellectual decline in VaD is classically described as "step-wise" (multi-infarct dementia) but can be continuous (lacunar infarcts) too.[] In most people, symptoms appear at the age of 60 years or over. However in 510 percent of cases they appear earlier.[] Conventional brain magnetic resonance imaging using T 2 -weighted images and fluid-attenuated inversion recovery showed multiple lacunar infarctions.[]

  • Diabetic Enteropathy

    The CT and MRI studies reveal cerebral atrophy and lacunar infarcts; no consistent relation with white matter lesions (WMLs) has been observed.[] […] of DM Symptomatic evidence 5 years: 4% to 10% 25 years: 13% to 15% Mean time after DM onset: 8 years Increased Frequency: Women; Increased Age Objective evidence (Clinical[] NEUROPATHIES: SYMMETRIC Chronic Distal: Sensory Autonomic Epidemiology: Risk factors & associations Most common type of diabetic neuropathy Temporal risk of neuropathy after onset[]

  • Paraparesis

    Cranial MRI showed only bilateral lacunar infarctions in deep territories.[] Because previous studies used clinical characteristics such as onset before age 40 years, 10 evidence of mild dorsal column impairment, 1 and symptoms of urinary urgency 1[] CLINICAL PEARLS The etiology of stroke in diabetes can be either microvascular disease from fibrinoid necrosis, causing small subcortical infarcts called lacunar stroke, or[]

  • Parkinson's Disease Type 3

    Vascular parkinsonism should be considered in case of lacunar infarctions and white matter lesions (signs of small vessel disease), and is less frequently associated with[] Prognosis Before the introduction of levodopa, Parkinson disease caused severe disability or death in 25% of patients within 5 years of onset, 65% within 10 years, and 89%[] The mortality rate from Parkinson disease was 3 times that of the general population matched for age, sex, and racial origin.[]

  • Unverricht-Lundborg Syndrome

    Lacunar thalamic infarction with isolated dysesthesia in contralateral fingers. Acta Neurol Belg. 2013; 113: 199-200.[] Mean age of seizure onset was 7.3 years (range 510 years). Onset was with myoclonic seizures ( n 5), tonic–clonic seizures ( n 1) or both ( n 2).[] The mean age of onset of epilepsy was 6.7 years (range 5-10 years) and the epilepsy was characterised by generalised tonic-clonic seizures increasing in frequency up to puberty[]

  • Cogan Syndrome

    MR imaging of the brain performed in 1994 revealed a small lacunar infarction in the right putamen.[] PATIENTS AND METHODS Three cases of Cogan’s syndrome in children aged 5, 13, and 18 years at the onset of disease are presented.[] Cogan’s syndrome complicated by lacunar brain infarcts . J Neurol Neurosurg Psychiatry , 54 , 169 –71. Lunardi , C. , Bason , C. , Landry , M. , et al . 2002 .[]

  • Juvenile Primary Lateral Sclerosis

    The differential diagnosis of PLS is wide and it includes multiple lacunar infarcts of the brain, demyelinating disease like multiple sclerosis and persistent infection with[] In addition, the age at onset in these samples (13-24 years), although juvenile, is older than in all known cases of ALS2 mutation (1-10 years). 5 - 8 We conclude that ALS2[]

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