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300 Possible Causes for Lancinating Pain

  • Chronic Pain

    […] of increasing severity and frequency due to contraction of the uterus at childbirth; see also labor . lancinating pain sharp darting pain. phantom pain pain felt as if it[] […] symptom of gastric disorder. intermenstrual pain pain accompanying ovulation, occurring during the period between the menses, usually about midway. labor p's the rhythmic pains[]

  • Paraneoplastic Neurologic Syndrome

    The symptoms most frequently described by patients include lancinating pain (short-lasting, electric shock type pain), a sensation of walking on sand, cold, numbness, or a[]

  • Colchicum

    Tearings in the chest, with obtuse lancinations. Pain, as of excoriation in the chest, on being touched and during movement. Tingling in the chest. Heart.[]

  • 46,XY Gonadal Dysgenesis - Motor and Sensory Neuropathy Syndrome

    & Temperature: More severe than large fiber modality involvement Painless injuries: Common Lancinating pains: Occasional Ulcers unusual Other: Some patients Autonomic: Impotence[] […] loss: Most common Hearing loss: Often at onset; Sensorineural Sensory Loss Extremities Distal Proximal Legs Arms Large & Small axon modalities: Vibration Joint position Lancinating[] , other: Some due to reflux Throat clearing Hoarse voice Neuropathy Onset: 3rd to 5th decade Sensory loss Distal: Some patients also with truncal involvement Legs & Arms Pain[]

  • Solanum

    Dull, heavy pain in right arm extending to finger-tips (10 AM to three PM). Lancinating pains down left arm. Pain shooting through left arm and wrist.[] Severe pains in all the limbs, eight PM Painful drawing in arms and feet. Upper Limbs. Arms heavy, prostrated, worse r.[]

  • Myiasis

    The anchoring process can cause lancinating pain, which is commonly reported by patients with myiasis and can be used as a historical feature to differentiate myiasis from[] pain can be felt [ 3–6 ].[] Human myiasis is a clinical diagnosis requiring a compatible epidemiologic history, the sensation of movement or lancinating pain and the presence of a punctate nodule on[]

  • Veratrum Viride

    Lancinating pain in occiput, invariably at night (n). ‎[] Lancinating pain in right hip. Joints swollen, very tender, high fever. (Knee tender, swollen after a wrench.)[] . — Sick-headache, pains intolerable, arteries of head full and pulsating violently ; high fever, frequent retching on trying to vomit; menses regular, but very scanty. —[]

  • Taxus Poisoning

    Lancinations in hand. Burning dryness of palms of hands. Dull pain in joints of fingers.[] Oppression, esp. when stomach is either too full or too empty, or else with pain below xiphoid cartilage. Lancinating pain in l. side. Lungs engorged.[] Lancinating pain in knee, with weakness of the joint. Abscess at r. knee. Contusive and incisive pain, which hinders walking.[]

  • Anterior Thigh Pain

    The nature of the pain was severe (score of 8 out of 10 on the visual analogue scale [VAS]) with constant dullness and paroxysmal lancinating pain.[] The pain had begun 15 years earlier and had worsened following fine needle biopsy for the evaluation of a painful mass five years later.[]

  • Hereditary Areflexic Dystasia

    Dejerine-Roussy syndrome - see under Dejerine Roussy-Cornil syndrome - occasional lancinating pains, with peripheral weakness, fasciculation, visual disturbance, and ataxia[]

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