25 Possible Causes for Lanugo in USA

  • Amniotic Fluid Embolism

    The contents of the fluid (e.g., shed fetal cells, meconium, lanugo, vernix) may produce pulmonary or cerebral emboli. … usually fatal to the mother if it is a pulmonary embolism. amniotic fluid embolism A condition resulting from a traumatic delivery and “injection” of amniotic fluid containing lanugo … latter can stain alveolar epithelial cells. amniotic fluid embolism Obstetrics A condition resulting from a traumatic delivery and 'injection' of amniotic fluid containing lanugo[1]

  • Skin Atrophy

    Besides the color referred to, the skin may be wrinkled, dry with slight scaling, may have atrophied hairs of the lanugo type with all varieties of verruca and telangiectasis[2]

  • Distichiasis

    Cryotherapy is still a common treatment for aberrant eyelashes, but freezing can result in eyelid margin thinning, loss of adjacent normal eyelashes, and persistent lanugo[3]

  • Erythropoietic Porphyria

    Other clinical findings include hypertrichosis of the lanugo type, scarring alopecia, red fluorescence in the teeth and urine in long-wave UV, and marked photophobia. synonyms[4]

  • Sycosis Barbae

    perforans Folliculitis of lids Gram-negative folliculitis Greasy hair Hair cast Hair sinus Hair sinus in foot Hairs broken close to the skin Increased hair growth Ingrown hair Lanugo[5]

  • Anorexia

    and headaches Dehydration Shortness of breath Cold hands and feet Bloating Constipation Hair loss Stomach pains Decreased metabolic rate Edema (water retention) Growth or Lanugo … Effects Anorexia Symptoms Anorexia Diagnosis Anorexia Treatment Anorexia Support Anorexia Recovery Anorexia Statistics Bulimia Nervosa Binge Eating Compulsive Overeating Lanugo … tiredness Feeling dizzy Stomach pains Constipation and bloating Feeling cold or have a low body temperature Growth of downy (soft and fine) hair all over your body (called Lanugo[6] [7] [8]

  • Tinea Corporis

    On the body, fungi lodge in the stratum corneum and do not invade lanugo hairs.[9]

  • Hypertrichosis

    In normal circumstances, lanugo hair is shed before birth and replaced by vellus hair; however, in a person with congenital hypertrichosis lanuginosa, the lanugo hair remains … As the person ages, the lanugo hair may thin, leaving only limited areas of hypertrichosis. … Hair in hypertrichosis is usually longer than expected and may consist of any hair type (lanugo, vellus, or terminal).[10]

  • Binge Eating Disorder

    in order to work towards building confidence in one’s potential Related Articles Binge Eating Main Page – Latest Articles and Videos Bulimia Nervosa Compulsive Overeating Lanugo[11]

  • Diazoxide

    The widespread appearance of lanugo in the adult may be a sign of internal cancer or portend the onset of malignant disease; however, there have been no reports of such cases … Note: Lanugo-type hirsutism occurs frequently, commonly in children and women. … Other Frequent Adverse Reactions Hirsutism of the lanugo type, mainly on the forehead, back and limbs, occurs most commonly in children and women and may be cosmetically unacceptable[12] [13] [14]

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