10,281 Possible Causes for Laparoscopy Abnormal

  • Tubo-Ovarian Abscess

    Laparoscopy Prosedure: Laparoscopy was performed under general anesthesia by the conventional three-puncture technique.[laparoscopyhospital.com] . [4] The varied clinical presentation and imaging findings may make it difficult to diagnose PID, and sometimes it may remain undetected. [ 8 ] Lower abdominal pain and abnormal[emedicine.medscape.com] Peptostreptococcus , Peptococcus , and aerobic streptococci . [8] Long term IUD use is associated with TOA. [9] Actinomyces is also recovered from TOA. [9] Diagnosis [ edit ] Laparoscopy[en.wikipedia.org] Diagnostic laparoscopy is usually used [5,10].[laparoscopyhospital.com]

  • Tuberculous Peritonitis

    In this study, the first laparoscopy revealed no peritoneal adhesion, while the second laparoscopy showed fibrin networks with obvious adhesion.[spandidos-publications.com] Abstract Abstract Abdominal laparoscopy was performed on 200 patients with undiagnosed ascites.[ajtmh.org] We conducted diagnostic laparoscopy while wearing N95 masks and found numerous tiny nodular lesions on the peritoneal surfaces.[jstage.jst.go.jp] Therefore, laparoscopy may be used for the evaluation of treatment efficiency.[spandidos-publications.com]

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  • Pelvic Abscess

    Laparoscopy Prosedure: Laparoscopy was performed under general anesthesia by the conventional three-puncture technique.[laparoscopyhospital.com] Moreover, laparoscopy will not detect endometritis and might not detect subtle inflammation of the fallopian tubes.[cdc.gov] Patient had laparoscopy in emergency and they did a cleansing and they have seen a phlegmon and abscess, and they did not touch, and it was right because they have not modified[websurg.com] Diagnostic laparoscopy is usually used [5,10].[laparoscopyhospital.com]

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  • Peritoneal Adhesion

    The diagnosis of abdominal adhesions is typically done with the assistance of laparoscopy.[news-medical.net] The etiologic factors could be either congenital or acquired causes.[ijri.org] […] of pain and infection in comparison with laparotomy. [ 14 , 15, 16 , 17, 18 ] In addition, the incidence of postoperative adhesion formation is expected to be lower after laparoscopy[emedicine.medscape.com] There are two primary surgical techniques used to treat abdominal adhesions: laparotomy and laparoscopy.[news-medical.net]

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  • Mesenteric Cyst

    The abdomen was closed after no abnormalities were discovered.[mdmag.com] The aetiology of mesenteric cyst is variable. [2] , [3] These usually arise from developmental abnormalities of the mesenteric lymphatics or from their traumatic rupture.[journalofmas.com] Shamiyeh A, Rieger R, Schrenk P, Wayand W; Role of laparoscopy in treatment of mesenteric cyst.[npplweb.com] The patient was resuscitated, and she underwent diagnostic laparoscopy with lysis of the adhesions.[mdmag.com]

  • Echinococcosis

    Same can be done with laparoscopy.[clinicaltrials.gov] On the other hand, if the patient has cysts in the liver and is symptomatic, they will suffer from abdominal pain, abnormal abdominal tenderness, hepatomegaly with an abdominal[en.wikipedia.org] If PLAP/POP: denotes the cure rate in the laparoscopy group (LAP) / open group (OP), then the following two-sided test problem is assessed: H0: POP PLAP M (Open Surgery is[clinicaltrials.gov] […] years significant advances in laparoscopic surgical skills and techniques combined with explosive advances in laparoscopic technology have encouraged the application of laparoscopy[clinicaltrials.gov]

  • Biliary Peritonitis

    In selected cases laparoscopy could be proposed as diagnostic and therapeutic means.[wjes.biomedcentral.com] FINDINGS: The patient was found to have bile in her abdomen immediately upon attempt to place a Hasson trocar for her laparoscopy, so no laparoscopy was done and she was converted[aapc.com] An antegrade pyelogram did not reveal any abnormality.[pubmedcentralcanada.ca] In some referral centres delayed laparoscopy is even routinely proposed [ 8 ].[wjes.biomedcentral.com]

  • Hemoperitoneum

    […] diagnosed with the following examinations: Focused assessment with sonography for trauma (FAST) Paracentesis or diagnostic peritoneal lavage Computed tomography Diagnostic laparoscopy[en.wikipedia.org] These women were hospitalized or underwent laparoscopy or laparotomy with the prior mentioned diagnoses including hemoperitoneum without proof of pregnancy.[journals.lww.com] During laparoscopy, more than 500 ml of blood and blood clots were evacuated.[medsci.org] RESULTS: Our study included 30 patients in whom 17% underwent conservative management and 83% underwent surgical management including laparoscopy or laparotomy.[journals.lww.com]

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  • Peritoneal Abscess

    […] intraperitoneal fluid collections, internal injuries without open wound Postoperative diagnosis Gross peritonitis and early abscess formation Procedures performed Diagnostic laparoscopy[optum360coding.com] The patient may simply fail to thrive and may have mildly abnormal liver function.[surgwiki.com] Laparoscopy uses a very small cut and a laparoscope (a tiny video camera).[medlineplus.gov] CPT 49322-22 Laparoscopy, surgical; with aspiration of cavity or cyst (eg, ovarian cyst) (single or multiple) 49420-51 Insertion of intraperitoneal cannula or catheter for[optum360coding.com]

  • Mesenteric Lymphadenitis

    Laparoscopy: If the diagnosis is still in doubt, a laparoscopy may lay it to rest.[medigoo.com] Laparoscopy .[abdopain.com] If you have an operation or laparoscopy then the inflamed glands may actually be seen.[patient.info] If you have an operation or laparoscopy, then the inflamed glands may actually be seen.[medigoo.com]

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