Possible Causes for Large Bowel Obstruction in USA

  • Sigmoid Volvulus
    Large Bowel Obstruction

    Sigmoid volvulus (SV) is referred to as twisting of the sigmoid colon which results in large bowel obstruction.[1]

  • Fecal Impaction
    Large Bowel Obstruction

    Lower GI endoscopy, performed when an empty rectal vault and a distended proximal colon suggest the presence of a large bowel obstruction.[2]

  • Cecal Volvulus
    Small Bowel Obstruction Large Bowel Obstruction

    Any intestinal torsion is only possible because the intestine itself is long enough to turn around itself. However, the anatomic fixation of the cecum and intestinal parts in close proximity may particularly predispose it for torsions: patients affected by CV exhibit a common mesentery that is rather long and only…[3]

  • Chronic Intestinal Pseudo-Obstruction
    Small Bowel Obstruction Large Bowel Obstruction
  • Colonic Lymphoma
    Large Bowel Obstruction
  • Hirschsprung's Disease
    Large Bowel Obstruction

    Hirschsprung’s disease, also known as congenital aganglionic megacolon, is a developmental disorder characterized by inability of the distal colon to relax due to the failure of migration of neural crest cells into the colon to form the enteric nerve plexuses. There is absence of ganglion cells in the affected segment…[4]

  • Down Syndrome
    Large Bowel Obstruction

    Down syndrome is the most common and best known chromosomal disorder in humans. It is typically associated with mental retardation, developmental delays and a particular set of facial characteristics. The three genetic variations that can cause Down syndrome include: Trisomy 21, mosaic Down syndrome and…[5]

  • Amebiasis
    Large Bowel Obstruction

    Infection with the protozoan parasite E histolytica is associated with  proteolysis, tissue damage and host-cell apoptosis in humans and presumably nonhuman primates. Ingested E histolytica cysts from contaminated food and water or oral-anal sex undergo excystation in the terminal ileum or colon. Each mature cyst…[6]

  • Diverticulitis of the Colon
    Large Bowel Obstruction
  • Malignant Neoplasm of the Small Intestine
    Small Bowel Obstruction

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