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280 Possible Causes for Large Penis

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  • Wiedemann-Rautenstrauch Syndrome

    penis Growth Postnatal growth deficiency Hearing Sensorineural hearing loss Intrauterine development Intrauterine growth retardation Joints and Tendons Joint contractures[] Cardiovascular Cardiovascular abnormalities Ventricular dilatation with cortical atrophy Endocrine and/or Exocrine Hyperprolactinemia Hypothyroidism Genitourinary Hypoplastic prepuce Large[]

  • Donohue Syndrome

    Affected females may have cystic ovaries and an abnormally enlarged clitoris/ breasts, while males may be afflicted with an abnormally large penis.[] Figure 4: Thin and emaciated extremity with protuberant abdomen and large penis Click here to view Leprechaunism was first described by Donohue (1948) [3] and since then it[] Other abnormalities that have been observed in infants with leprechaunism include recurrent infections, abnormalities of the intellect and unusually large hands and feet.[]

  • Diencephalic Syndrome

    I have a condition called Diencephalic syndrome, meaning I have an extremely large penis.[] A female reader, anonymous , writes (20 June 2007): It actually says right here on this website that a large penis is a clinical symptom of the disorder.[] I have also heard that men with large penis's do have to be careful when substataining an erection as it uses a lot of blood to make it erect, which can cause alot further[]

  • Dyspareunia

    One of the case reports bears the title 'Pain and infertility caused by a too large penis.'[] One of the case reports bears the title ‘ Pain and infertility caused by a too large penis .’[] Genital size If you or your partner has a large penis and you find it uncomfortable during intercourse, the first step is to try and relax.[]

  • Penile Hematoma

    Hematoma of prepuce Hemorrhage of corpus cavernosum Hemorrhage of penis Hypertrophy of corpus cavernosum Hypertrophy of penis Irritation of penis Large penis Lichen planus[] Large Penile Hematoma[] This can cause the penis to have a large bump or irregularity on the shaft. There can also be a great deal of pain associated with the hematoma.[]

  • Congenital Absence of the Penis

    An abnormally large penis frequently is present in males with precocious puberty , dwarfism , an overactive pituitary, or adrenal tumours.[] Examples Ambiguous genitalia - a large clitoris or small penis. Cryptorchidism - absence of one or both testes from the scrotum. This includes undescended testes .[] If necessary, can be small penis enlargement surgery. Large penile malformation, partial resection of the corpus cavernosum surgery.[]

  • Carcinoma of the Penis

    Large fungating squamous cell carcinoma of the penis Deirdre Mary Fanning , James Forde , Kevin O’Connor , Ted Mc Dermott Urology Department, St James’s Hospital, Dublin,[] Among these variants is the exceedingly uncommon adenosquamous carcinoma (ASC), representing 1%-2% of all SCC of the penis.[] The lesion was large, affecting the whole shaft, the scrotum, and the public and inguinal areas.[]

  • Progeroid Syndrome Type Petty

    penis None NR Marked NR Marked Large penis Mild Cryptorchidism NA NR Age at the report 8 mos 8 mo 16 y (2) 9 mo 8 mo 4y 18 mo 20 mo 2 mo Died 2.5 y 5.5 y 19 mo Caucasian[] penis ( 90% tile) 18 mos.[] NR Abnormal skull; transient skeletal abnormalities NR Endocrine abnormalities NR NR NR NR NR NR NR Psychomotor retardation Genital anomalies Marked NR Marked NR Marked Large[]

  • Precocious Puberty

    In boys, the condition triggers the development of a large penis and testicles, with spontaneous erections and the production of sperm.[]

  • Pudendal Hernia

    penis.[] […] products my penis is about 9 inches longer, and i had to settle out with my Ex girlfriend Jane, i was surprised when she said that she is satisfied with my sex and i have got a large[]

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