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562 Possible Causes for Large Penis, Prostatodynia, Strangury

  • Chronic Prostatitis

    Zhu Ling, Qu Mai, Tong Cao, and Dong Kui Zi disinhibit urination and free the flow of strangury.[] Find A Doctor Making a Diagnosis The prostate gland is first examined through a digital rectal examination (DRE) to determine if it is large or tender and assess the degree[] Men with chronic prostatitis or prostatodynia have seminal oxidative stress, irrespective of their leukocytospermia status.[]

  • Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia

    The most commonly used technique is called a TURP ( transurethral resection of the prostate ), which can be used for most cases except those with extremely large prostate[] Or, it may be felt inside the body, behind the pubic bone, or in the bladder or prostate. Pain on urination is a fairly common problem.[] A tube equipped with a camera and a loop is inserted into the urethra (the tube that runs the length of the penis and back to the bladder) to remove strips of enlarged prostate[]

  • Acute Prostatitis

    Find A Doctor Making a Diagnosis The prostate gland is first examined through a digital rectal examination (DRE) to determine if it is large or tender and assess the degree[] Four clinical entities have been described: acute bacterial prostatitis, chronic bacterial prostatitis, nonbacterial or abacterial prostatitis, and prostatodynia.[] Different forms include acute prostatitis, chronic prostatitis, and prostatodynia. It is usually due to infection by gram negative bacteria.[]

  • Urinary Tract Infection

    Of these men, 5% have bacterial prostatitis, 64% have nonbacterial prostatitis, and 31% have prostatodynia.[] Category IIIA is chronic, inflammatory abacterial prostatitis, and category IIIB is chronic, noninflammatory abacterial prostatitis, also known as chronic pelvic pain or prostatodynia[]

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  • Urinary Bladder Transitional Cell Carcinoma

    Abstract Monosomy for chromosome 9, as well as loss of heterozygosity for markers on this chromosome, has been detected in a high percentage of transitional cell carcinomas (TCC) of the bladder. We report a case of a TCC of the bladder with an interstitial del(9)(q11q21.2) that could be indicative of the presence[…][]

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  • Bladder Calculus

    From Wikidata Jump to navigation Jump to search Human disease Bladder stone, vesical calculus edit Language Label Description Also known as English bladder calculus Human disease Bladder stone, vesical calculus Statements Identifiers Sitelinks Wikipedia (8 entries) edit Wikibooks (0 entries) edit Wikiquote (0 entries)[…][]

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  • Bladder Neck Obstruction

    Open surgery on the prostate is rarely performed nowadays but may be necessary if the prostate is very large.[] Indeed, benign disorders of the prostate gland including benign prostatic hyperplasia, bladder neck dyssynergia and inflammatory disorders of the prostate (prostatitis, prostatodynia[] Conventional telescopic surgery (TURP) involves resecting the central part of the prostate using a telescope passed into the bladder through the penis (transurethral resection[]

  • Prostatic Abscess

    Abstract The purpose of this study was to analyze the transrectal ultrasound (US), or TRUS, and color Doppler ultrasonography (CDU) findings and therapeutic strategies with TRUS-guided procedures in 13 patients with prostatic abscess. Over a period of 6 years, 18 prostatic abscesses were diagnosed in 13[…][]

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  • Cystitis

    This is called strangury. Needing to pass urine frequently: Often only small amounts may be passed.[] Diagnosis requires exclusion of other causes for symptoms (eg, UTIs, pelvic inflammatory disease, chronic prostatitis or prostatodynia, diverticulitis), cystoscopy, and biopsy[] Miller JL, Rothman I, Bavendam TG et al: Prostatodynia and interstitial cystitis: one and the same? Urology 1995; 45: 587.[]

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  • Nongonorrheal Male Urethritis

    This is often accompanied by crying, screaming, strangury and a face red or purple from straining.[] Primary lesion presenting as an ulcer on the penis. AFIP 218768 (2237). Fig. 20.2 Lymphogranuloma venereum: large left inguinal bubo in adult black man.[] (These medicines are not effective treatments for noninfectious/nonbacterial prostatitis); pain drugs; surgery - the removal of the infected portions of the prostate for severe[]