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    129 Possible Causes for Large Pericardial Effusion in USA

    • Disseminated Histoplasmosis
      Large Pericardial Effusion
    • Myxedema
      Large Pericardial Effusion
    • Chronic Kidney Insufficiency
      Large Pericardial Effusion
    • Malignant Pericardial Effusion
      Large Pericardial Effusion

      Figure 1: Transthoracic echocardiography demonstrates a large pericardial effusion ((a) apical 4-chamber view and (b) parasternal short axis view) and chest CT shows a large[] Three months later, the patient had recurrent dyspnea and clinical signs of cardiac tamponade and a large pericardial effusion was found on echocardiography.[] pericardial effusion, bilateral pleural effusions, and atelectasis of the left lower lobe (c).[]

    • Pericardial Anomaly

      Interpretation: Patients with moderate to large pericardial effusion at least 7 days after cardiac surgery are at risk of tamponade.[] Study Design Placebo Controlled Randomized Blinded Parallel Patient Populations: Participants with moderate to large pericardial effusion 7-30 days after cardiac surgery Number[] Pericardial effusion grade decreased by 1.3 points in the colchicine group and 1.1 points in the placebo group (p 0.23).[]

    • Pericardial Effusion

      pericardial effusion due to tuberculous and non-tuberculous pericarditis.[] pericardial effusion or other cardiac disease, as described in the IMPI trial.[] pericardial effusion, and also provide preliminary safety data, following a dose finding study of intrapericardial alteplase.[]

    • Mediastinopericarditis

      Nathan, M.B.B.S.; Compressive Mediastinal Mass and Large Pericardial Effusion in a Child.[] Free Education October 2015 Compressive Mediastinal Mass and Large Pericardial Effusion in a Child Author Notes From the Department of Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine[] Pericardial Effusion in a Child You will receive an email whenever this article is corrected, updated, or cited in the literature.[]

    • Pericardiocentesis

      In case of a large pericardial effusion, a catheter can be left in place to ensure the pericardial space is completely drained of fluid.[] Diagnosis of pericardial effusion Treatment of large pericardial effusions which may impact on the heart's ability to pump blood around the body (cardiac tamponade) What happens[] (A) Subcostal two-dimensional echocardiogram showing a large pericardial effusion (PE) with collapse of the right ventricular (RV) free wall during diastole.[]

    • Pulsus Alternans

      Large pericardial effusion Low ejection fraction Left ventricular failure Asthma Left-sided heart failure Causes of Pulsus alternans listed in Disease Database: Other medical[] Asthma Cardiac failure, left sided Large pericardial effusion Left ventricular failure Left-sided heart failure Low ejection fraction Meadows syndrome - alternating strong[] Therefore — it may be helpful if you see total electrical alternans in a patient with a large pericardial effusion — but failure to see this ECG sign in no way rules out the[]

    • Pancoast Syndrome

      pericardial effusion, tamponade Jan 2011 progression, start abraxane Jun 2011-New liver, brain mets, add Tarceva Oct 2011-Dx Leptomeningeal carcinomatosis; pulsed Tarceva[] Stage IV NSCLC EGFR exon 19 4 cycles Carbo/alimta, 65% shrinkage Tarceva maintenance Mar 2010 progression, added Alimta, stable Sep 2010 multiple brain mets, WBR Oct 2010 large[]

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