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396 Possible Causes for Large Philtrum

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  • Naguib Syndrome

    Figure 2: Lateral image showing large floppy ears, micrognathia, long philtrum, and deep set eyes Click here to view Figure 3: Computed tomography of the brain - bilateral[] […] feet, mental retardation,hypoparathyroidism, and hypocalcemia c.155-166del Qatar 8 Dysmorphology, deep-set eyes, depressed nasal bridge with beakednose, long philtrum, thin[] On examination, the patient had facial dysmorphism in the form of microcephaly, deep set eyes, beaked nose, low set large floppy ears, high arched palate, long philtrum, thin[]

  • Acro-Fronto-Facio-Nasal Dysostosis

    They include brachycephaly or microbrachycephaly, prominent forehead with low frontal and occipital hairline, wide anterior fontanel, hypertelorism, large philtrum, broad[]

  • Distal Renal Tubular Acidosis

    Their facial features are unique with prominent cheeks, well-defined philtrum, large bulbous nose, V-shaped upper lip border, full lower lip, open mouth with protruded tongue[]

  • Pitt-Rogers-Danks Syndrome

    , and large mouth.[] […] typical facial changes including microcephaly, telecanthus, upward or downward slanting palpebral fissures, prominent eyes, ocular abnormalities, hypoplastic maxilla, short philtrum[]

  • Posterior Subcapsular Cataract

    His disease was further characterized by physical underdevelopment and distinct features of hypertelorism, a wide-based nose, long philtrum, relatively large mouth with thick[]

  • Coarctation of the Aorta

    , low-set large ears and but no craniosynostosis.[] […] atrial septal defect, microcephaly, brachycephaly, a small oval face, almond-shaped eyes, a down-turned mouth, a widened nasal bridge, hypertelorism, epicanthic folds, long philtrum[]

  • Stickler Syndrome

    Affected patients may also suffer from a multitude of cranio-facial abnormalities, with the face appearing flattened due to a small and flat nose, long philtrum, large eyes[]

  • Hypertrichotic Osteochondrodysplasia

    philtrum, prominent mouth with full lips and macroglossia.[] […] sella turcica Long philtrum Low anterior hairline Low posterior hairline Macrocephaly Prominent forehead ... ...[] Dysmorphic features include macrocephaly and a coarse facial appearance with thick eyebrows, prominent supraorbital ridges, broad nasal bridge, anteverted nares, long and large[]

  • 10q22.3q23.3 Microduplication Syndrome

    philtrum, broad, prominent lower lip, and (4) poly(syn)dactyly of feet.[] Other associated clinical features include sleep disturbances, seizures, aplasia/hypoplasia of the corpus callosum, skeletal abnormalities (large hands and feet, long fingers[] He had short, upward slanting palpebral fissures, a featureless philtrum, thin vermilion border of the upper lip, and a prominent lower lip.[]

  • Autosomal Recessive Mental Retardation 5

    , and a large open mouth with a downturning upper lip.[] […] nose with long columella, short philtrum, and full upper lip.[] […] addition to delayed speech and psychomotor development, a number of dysmorphic features such as microcephaly, long and narrow face, bushy eyebrows with synophrys, hypotelorism, large[]

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