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394 Possible Causes for Larva Migrans

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  • Löffler Syndrome

    The final diagnosis was larva migrans associated with Löffler's syndrome. Copyright 2002 S. Karger AG, Basel[] The final diagnosis was larva migrans associated with Löffler’s syndrome. 2002 S. Karger AG, Basel References Caumes E: Treatment of cutaneous larva migrans.[] The previously fit and well 32-year-old man first presented with serpiginous, pruriginous erythematous tracks characteristic of cutaneous larva migrans shortly after returning[]

  • Skin Infection

    Cutaneous larva migrans Cutaneous larva migrans is dermatosis that results from the accidental penetration of the skin by parasitic larvae from domestic bovine, canine and[] migrans cutanea ( photo s ) DPDx: Hookworm CDC: Sporotrichosis DermIS: Erysipeloid ( photo , 38K)[] Different types of parasitic skin infections include: lice bedbugs scabies cutaneous larva migrans The symptoms of a skin infection also vary depending on the type.[]

  • Cutaneous Larva Migrans

    From Wikidata Jump to navigation Jump to search No description defined Cutaneous larva migrans;CLM Creeping eruption Ground itch CLM Dew itch edit English Cutaneous larva[] Table 2 Treatment of cutaneous larva migrans with oral alben-dazole. Table 2 Treatment of cutaneous larva migrans with oral alben-dazole.[] migrans No description defined Cutaneous larva migrans;CLM Creeping eruption Ground itch CLM Dew itch Statements Identifiers Sitelinks Wikipedia (13 entries) edit Wikibooks[]

  • Loiasis

    Cutaneous larva migrans does not cause eye findings, and the lesions are more superficial and distinct (serpiginous).[]

  • Parasitic Disease

    Neglected Tropical Diseases Nonpathogenic (Harmless) Intestinal Protozoa Back To Top O Ocular Larva Migrans (Toxocariasis, Toxocara Infection, Visceral Larva Migrans) Onchocerciasis[] Migrans (Toxocariasis, Toxocara Infection, Ocular Larva Migrans) Waterborne Diseases Whipworm Infection (Trichuriasis, Trichuris Infection) Zoonotic Diseases () (Diseases[] Migrans, Ancylostomiasis, Hookworm) “Crabs” (Pubic Lice) Cryptosporidiosis ( Cryptosporidium Infection) Cutaneous Larva Migrans (CLM, Ancylostomiasis, Hookworm) Cyclosporiasis[]

  • Tissue Nematode Infection

    It occurs in two clinical forms—visceral and ocular larva migrans.[] Define and differentiate visceral larva migrans, ocular larva migrans, and cutaneous larva migrans. 8.[] Toxocara canis (dog roundworm) larvae in organs (liver brain eyes), causing visceral larva migrans Dracunculus medinensis (guinea worm) adult female in subcutaneous tissues[]

  • Pulmonary Larva Migrans

    CONCLUSIONS: These CT findings are considered to be suggestive of thoracic involvement in patients with visceral larva migrans caused by A. suum.[] "Cutaneous Larva Migrans With Pulmonary Involvement." BMJ Case Reports, vol. 2018, 2018. Maslin D, Wallace M. Cutaneous larva migrans with pulmonary involvement.[] Pulmonary lesions associated with visceral larva migrans due to Ascaris suum or Toxocara canis: Imaging of six cases .[]

  • Baylisascariasis

    Baylisascariasis: A young boy with neural larva migrans due to the emerging raccoon round worm Annals of Clinical and Translational Neurology ( IF 4.649 ) Pub Date : 2018-[] In addition, it is increasingly recognized as a cause of devastating or fatal neural larva migrans in infants and young children and ocular larva migrans in adults.[] […] visceral larva migrans (VLM), and covert/asymptomatic infections.[]

  • Toxocariasis

    There are two major forms of toxocariasis: 1) Ocular larva migrans (OLM): Toxocara infections can cause OLM, an eye disease that can cause blindness.[] Beaver , P.C. ( 1969 ) The nature of visceral larva migrans .[] Toxocara canis infection Applies To Larva migrans visceralis Toxocara (canis) (cati) infection Visceral larva migrans syndrome ICD-9-CM Volume 2 Index entries containing[]

  • Visceral Larva Migrans

    We present a case of visceral larva migrans which came as a complete histologic surprise.[] Two patients had ocular manifestations of infestation with visceral larva migrans.[] Visceral larva migrans was diagnosed subsequently because of negative findings for malignancy and positive serologic test result for Toxocara canis.[]

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