2,058 Possible Causes for Laryngeal Disorder

  • Upper Respiratory Infection

    These are not uniquely specific to this disorder. Exudates manifest as white or yellow patches.[emedicine.medscape.com] "Antibiotics for acute laryngitis in adults". The Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews (5): CD004783. doi : 10.1002/14651858.CD004783.pub5 . ISSN 1469-493X .[en.m.wikipedia.org] [croup] and epiglottitis J05.0 Acute obstructive laryngitis [croup] J06 Acute upper respiratory infections of multiple and unspecified sites J06.0 Acute laryngopharyngitis[icd10data.com]

  • Carcinoma of the Larynx

    Mr Alusi manages complex head and neck surgery and thyroid disorders. He is a senior surgeon within the Head and Neck Unit at Barts and The Royal London NHS Trust.[uclh.nhs.uk] If the tumour grows into the lumen of the larynx, this can cause respiratory disorders.[bookinghealth.com] Overview  Understanding the Disorder  Symptoms Diagnosis Treatment Key Glossary Terms Laryngeal/Voice Box Composed of vocal folds, muscles, and framework cartilages; key for[voicefoundation.org]

  • Chronic Laryngitis

    laryngitis (diagnosis) , laryngitis chronic , Laryngitis chronic , Laryngitis chronic NOS , Laryngitis;chronic , Chronic laryngitis NOS (disorder) , Chronic laryngitis ,[fpnotebook.com] Serology for autoimmune disorders like sarcoidosis should also be considered. Skin allergy testing is recommended if an allergic etiology is suspected.[symptoma.com] Laryngitis occurs in two forms, acute and chronic. Acute laryngitis typically is a brief illness producing hoarseness and a sore throat.[health.harvard.edu]

  • Laryngeal Fracture

    View Article PubMed PubMed Central Google Scholar Schaefer SD: The acute management of external laryngeal trauma. A 27-year experience.[jmedicalcasereports.biomedcentral.com] After a prolonged weaning period, he was transferred to a rehabilitation center specializing in neurological disorders.[jmedicalcasereports.biomedcentral.com] Coniotomy was not performed due to laryngeal fracture.[jmedicalcasereports.biomedcentral.com]

  • Acute Laryngitis

    , Laryngitis , Laryngitis [Disease/Finding] , Larynx inflamed , Laryngitis (disorder) , Laryngitis, NOS , Laryngeal inflammation French LARYNGITE , Inflammation du larynx[fpnotebook.com] […] and chronic laryngitis were among the most frequent laryngeal/voice disorder diagnoses, along with nonspecific dysphonia and benign vocal fold lesions.[emedicine.medscape.com] NIH: National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders Hoarseness (Medical Encyclopedia) Laryngeal nerve damage (Medical Encyclopedia) Laryngitis (Medical Encyclopedia[icdlist.com]

  • Laryngeal Papilloma

    Answer As you may be already aware, laryngeal papilloma is an organic disorder frequently requiring surgical-medical intervention.[speechpathology.com] Uploaded by drprincembbs Related Interests Clinical Medicine Medical Specialties Diseases And Disorders Medicine Neoplasms Rating and Stats Document Actions View More Copyright[scribd.com] Our purpose is to fully evaluate children with voice disorders and/or disorders of the velopharyngeal closure.[childrenshospital.org]

  • Laryngeal Stenosis

    However, underlying conditions that may predispose the patient to this type of the disorder can be evaluated, such as Wegener's granulomatosis, sarcoidosis, or rheumatoid[symptoma.com] Management of the Acutely Compromised Airway Anil Patel Chapter 11. Laryngeal Trauma Maya G. Sardesai and Albert L. Merati Chapter 12.[pluralpublishing.com] Infectious or Inflammatory Stenosis Laryngeal stenosis caused by infectious or inflammatory disorders is usually the result of end-stage processes of untreated disorders.[entokey.com]

  • Laryngeal Tuberculosis

    Rosen classified dysphonia into four different categories: functional voice disorders, organic voice disorders, movement disorders, and hoarseness caused by systemic diseases[degruyter.com] Journal of the Pakistan Medical Association. 2012; 62(2): 167-168 [Pubmed] 4 Disorders of the Larynx and Chronic Inflammatory diseases [Manifestation internistischer Erkrankungen[ijri.org] disorders in patients with active laryngeal tuberculosis. ( 26009888 ) Lucena M.M....Valete-Rosalino C.M. 2015 11 Laryngeal tuberculosis: use of videostroboscopy in diagnosis[malacards.org]

  • Laryngeal Lesion

    Conclusion: Organic disorder of larynx is the most common cause among benign laryngeal disorder. Hoarseness of voice is present in all benign laryngeal lesions.[scopemed.org] The aim of this systematic review is to explore current evidence pertaining to the application of 585 nm pulsed dye laser (PDL) in the management of laryngeal disorders.[laryngologyandvoice.org] […] and laryngeal trauma.[books.google.com]

  • Laryngeal Granuloma

    Occurring in about 0.9-2.7% of adults with voice disorders, vocal process granulomas may appear many forms: small or large, ulcerative or epithelialized, sessile or pedunculate[epostersonline.com] I discovered that reflux can be caused by nerve pinches, especially in the upper spine or vagus nerve disorders. I have had constant pain in this area for years.[arianek.com] Manometry measures intraluminal pressures assisting in the identification of underlying disorders that may contribute to reflux.[questia.com]

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