237 Possible Causes for Laryngeal Disorder in USA

  • Laryngeal Edema
    Laryngeal Disorder

    Laryngeal Disorders Overview of Laryngeal Disorders Laryngeal Paralysis Also see Laryngeal Hemiplegia in Horses . … Research the causes of related medical symptoms such as: Laryngeal Laryngeal disease Laryngeal disorder Edema (208 causes) more symptoms...» … The LPR patients who do not symptomatically improve with antireflux therapy often have another underlying laryngeal disorder such as a vocal fold paresis.[1] [2] [3]

  • Vocal Cord Paralysis
    Laryngeal Disorder

    Vocal cord paralysis is the second most common congenital defect of the larynx (voice box), accounting for about 10 to 15 percent of congenital laryngeal disorders.[4]

  • Bacterial Pneumonia

    disorders, allergies, airway narrowing among others. … wheezing may be due to a variety of causes which may be attributable to lung damage but is uncommon; wheezing and coughing may be due to infections, tracheal disorders, laryngeal[5]

  • Upper Airway Obstruction

    Laryngeal disorders: Congenital laryngeal webs can cause biphasic stridor.[6]

  • Epidermolysis Bullosa

    A multidisciplinary approach is required to deal with problems such as esophageal strictures, contractures, pseudodactyly, laryngeal disorders, urethral meatal stenosis, conjunctival[7]

  • Abciximab

    instability - Transient tracheomalacia VIII.g Tracheal narrowing - Sabre sheath trachea VIII.h Vocal cord dysfunction, adduction, closure VIII.i Midline destructive lesions VIII.j Laryngealdisorder: dysphonia, hoarseness VIII.k Airway fire/explosion VIII.k Submucosal airway petechiae/hemorrhage VIII.m Drug foreign body in the airway VIII.o Perforation of the[8]

  • Laryngeal Granuloma
    Laryngeal Disorder
  • Cricoarytenoid Ankylosis
    Laryngeal Disorder
  • Laryngeal Lesion
    Laryngeal Disorder
  • Laryngeal Papilloma
    Laryngeal Disorder

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