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  • Prune Belly Syndrome

    […] initial midline rather than elliptical skin incision to defer retailoring of the skin coverage until the final step of the procedure, 3) varying the width of the central plate[] The higher incidence of this syndrome in males has been explained on the basis of the more complex morphogenesis of the male urethra, possibly resulting in obstructive anomalies[] We hypothesize that they are a spectrum of malformations based on the time frame when the mesoderm fails to create a normal interaction between infraumbilical mesoderm, urorectal[] A lateral elliptical single xypho-pubic line is drawn in the most lax side of the fascia, which is incised along this line.[]

  • Commissural Facial Cleft

    Summary of neural plate and neural tube formation. Neural plate formation.[] […] bands) and increased local pressure that produces cellular ischemia.74 As a result, such clefting may occur later in fetal develop- ment rather than during primary facial morphogenesis[] The midline mesoderm of the nasal and ocular fields is of different origin, innervation, and blood supply from all surrounding mesodermal elements.[] There is no lateral creep of the commissure or hypertrophic scarring after straight-line cutaneous closure.[]

  • Patulous Eustachian Tube

    Crashing plates etc hurt.[] The cartilage and muscles of the eustachian tube develop from the surrounding mesoderm during the ensuing weeks.[] To our knowledge, this is the first case report of the amyotrophic lateral sclerosis complicating patulous ET in the literature, demonstrating the movement of the tympanic[] The otoscopic image revealed a small, calcareous plate occupying the anteroinferior quadrant of the tympanic membrane of the left ear, with no signs of occupation of the tympanic[]

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  • Sinusitis

    Imaging revealed diffuse sinus opacification and a Le Fort type I complex fracture involving the maxilla, pterygoid plates, clivus, and right nasal bridge.[] From these mesodermal structures, the branchial arches develop, the first of which gives rise to internal nasal structures.[] Abstract The objectives of this study are to evaluate the occurrence of postoperative middle turbinate lateralization and the relationship between this lateralization and[] A modified microtiter-plate test for quantification of staphylococcal biofilm formation . J Microbiol Methods 2000 ;40(2): 175 – 9 . (Grade A).[]

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  • Cloacal Exstrophy

    This has caused a paradigm shift of initial intestinal management to tubularization of the cecal plate with end colostomy placement.[] ., female p63 -/- mice exhibited abnormal genital morphogenesis with hypoplastic genitalia, a single cloacal opening, and persistence of columnar epithelium at lower genital[] It is caused by a defect of the ventral body wall—mesodermal migration is inhibited and folding fails. Bladder exstrophy[] PURPOSE: Genetically female cloacal exstrophy (46XX CE) patients develop complications later in life due to their abnormal uterine anatomy, resulting in various invasive gynecologic[]

  • Epispadias

    ., The morphogenesis of the exstrophy-epispadias complex: a new concept based on observations made in early embryonic cases of cloacal exstrophy.[] A urethral mucosal strip of about 5 to 10 mm was denuded from the bladder neck to the end of urethral plate on one lateral edge, and the urethral plate and urethral mucosa[] Pathogenesis: Failure of two concomitant mesodermal migrations: first, the urorectal spetum fails to develop and divide the urogenital sinus from the rectum; second, the mesodermal[] The insertion of the crus to the ischiopubic ramus is inferior lateral, whereas the NVB lies at a superior medial position.[]

  • Pentalogy of Cantrell

    We report the use of a titanium plate to repair the sternal cleft in a five-month-old patient with pentalogy of Cantrell because of the size of the defect and the limited[] Mechanical teratogenesis by amnion rupture, tearing, and adhering; tissue band adherence causing pressure necrosis and incomplete morphogenesis; or mechanical compression[] Abstract Pentalogy of Cantrell which usually comprises of anomalies of the ectodermal and mesodermal tissues is a very rare congenital condition which in the extreme of cases[] […] evolving pattern during gestation, with a greater degree of protrusion of the heart through the lower sternal defect into the exomphalos in the early scans than was present later[]

  • Heterotaxia

    Sulik K , Dehart DB , Iangaki T et al : Morphogenesis of the murine node and notochordal plate . Dev Dyn 1994; 201 : 260–278. 67.[] Abstract Looping of the primitive heart tube is one of the earliest and most crucial steps in cardiac morphogenesis.[] […] links Funding Molecular basis of congenital laterality defects, including heart and vascular malformations Our group is conducting a study to investigate the causes of lateralization[] Mine N, Anderson RM, Klingensmith J (2008) BMP antagonism is required in both the node and lateral plate mesoderm for mammalian left-right axis establishment.[]

  • Choanal Atresia

    This transnasal endoscopic approach allowed resection of the posterior portion of the vomer first then the atretic plates and part of the medial pterygoid plate if needed[] Taken together, our findings demonstrate that RDH10 is essential during the early stages of facial morphogenesis for the formation of a functional nasal airway, and furthermore[] The embryogenesis of this condition is accounted for by the mesodermal flow theory of choanal atresia formation, and implies a need for thorough imaging of the anterior skull[] And in later life as a teenager or in early twenties the hole will have to be re-drilled larger.[]

  • Meckel-Gruber Syndrome

    Cultured lungs of Tmem67 mutant mice failed to respond to stimulation of epithelial branching morphogenesis by Wnt5a.[] RESULTS: The ductal plate abnormality was present in all the fetuses with the Meckel-Gruber syndrome.[] This pattern of CNS anomalies represents a triad of malformations probably associated with defective ventral induction of the developing CNS by the prechordal mesoderm.[] Later in the pregnancy, severe oligohydramnion makes it more difficult to establish the diagnosis by US alone.[]