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247 Possible Causes for LDL/HDL Ratio Increased, Meralgia Paresthetica

  • Obesity

    Meralgia paresthetica and tight trousers. JAMA 1984 ; 251 : 1553. 23. Meralgia paresthetica in a policeman: The belt or the gun.[] […] cholesterol ratio; or glucose homeostasis.[] The LDL/HDL ratio decreased approximately 10% in each diet group (all P P .26).[]

  • Diabetes Mellitus

    Lipodystrophies are a group of heterogeneous disorders characterized by varying degrees of body fat loss and predisposition to insulin resistance and its metabolic complications. Lipodystrophy associated metabolic abnormalities include insulin resistance, that often lead to diabetes mellitus and its complications,[…][]

  • Morbid Obesity

    Morbid obesity is associated with liver pathology, most commonly non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) leading to cirrhosis. However, the morbid obesity impedes qualification for organ transplantation. We present a case report of a 56-year-old woman who underwent bariatric procedure followed by liver transplantation[…][]

    Missing: LDL/HDL Ratio Increased
  • Hepatitis

    On this page: What is autoimmune hepatitis? What is autoimmune disease? What are the symptoms of autoimmune hepatitis? How is autoimmune hepatitis diagnosed? How is autoimmune hepatitis treated? What are the side effects of prednisone and azathioprine? Are other treatments for autoimmune hepatitis available?[…][]

    Missing: Meralgia Paresthetica
  • Entrapment Neuropathy

    Other common nerve entrapment syndromes include ulnar neuropathy at the elbow or wrist and lateral femoral cutaneous neuropathy, also known as meralgia paresthetica.[] The most common entrapments are carpal tunnel syndrome, ulnar neuropathy, peroneal nerve entrapment, meralgia paresthetica of the lateral femoral cutaneous nerve, and tarsal[] paresthetica (National Institute of Neurological Diseases and Stroke) 2018 Minneapolis Clinic of Neurology, Ltd.[]

    Missing: LDL/HDL Ratio Increased
  • Meralgia Paresthetica

    In contrast, the reflex will not be altered in meralgia paresthetica. 5 Most cases of meralgia paresthetica will respond to conservative care.[] Surgical management of meralgia paresthetica is a viable option for patients in whom medical management fails.[] Meralgia paresthetica is a painful condition attributed to entrapment or injury to the lateral femoral cutaneous nerve at the site where the nerve leaves the pelvis.[]

    Missing: LDL/HDL Ratio Increased
  • Anterior Thigh Pain

    Meralgia paresthetica is a compression neuropathy of the lateral femoral cutaneous nerve at the groin.[] . : Malignant secondary deposit in the iliac crest masquerading as meralgia paresthetica .[] Post, MD [ PMC Full Text ] [ Full Text PDF ] A rare cause of meralgia paresthetica is hypothroidism. This entry was posted in Medical Imaging , Neurology .[]

    Missing: LDL/HDL Ratio Increased
  • Thyroid Dysfunction

    Clin Rheumatol. 2016 Mar;35(3):765-9. doi: 10.1007/s10067-016-3209-x. Epub 2016 Feb 9. Abstract Previous studies have documented an association between thyroid dysfunction, predominant hypothyroidism, and antibody positivity in patients with systemic sclerosis (SSc). There are no studies reporting the relationship[…][]

    Missing: Meralgia Paresthetica
  • Femoral Neuropathy

    Keywords: Femoral neuropathy, Meralgia paresthetica, Iliacus hematoma INTRODUCTION Femoral neuropathy, an uncommon peripheral neuropathy, may show symptoms such as atrophy[] paresthetica (1.4/100,000).[] However, a cause for meralgia paresthetica is not always found, as was apparently the case when Freud had it.[]

    Missing: LDL/HDL Ratio Increased
  • Hyperlipoproteinemia

    Using apoE phenotyping by immunoblotting and apoE genotyping we identified four heterozygous carriers of a rare apolipoprotein (apo) E2 variant, apoE2 (Arg136 -- Cys). ApoE2 (Arg136 -- Cys) was not distinct from apoE2 (Arg158 -- Cys) by phenotyping, but produced a unique pattern of bands on CfoI restriction[…][]

    Missing: Meralgia Paresthetica

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