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798 Possible Causes for Learning Disabilities, Low Set Ears

  • Turner Syndrome

    Other characteristics, like widely spaced nipples or low-set ears, also may lead to a suspicion of Turner syndrome.[] For example, Turner syndrome is a proposed etiology of the nonverbal learning disability - because of reported relative strengths in verbal skills, and relatively weaker nonverbal[] Here we present an 11-year-old female who was referred for evaluation of her short stature and learning disabilities.[]

  • Down Syndrome

    In the United Kingdom, the psychiatry of learning disability is a specialty in its own right, but people with learning disabilities outside the UK may be under the care of[] […] variable from individual to individual and may include mental retardation, retarded growth, flat hypoplastic face with short nose, prominent epicanthic skin folds, small low-set[] […] syndrome there is a level of cognitive impairment, as well as the characteristic craniofacial features, such as an anteriorly and posteriorly flattened head, dysplastic low-set[]

  • CHARGE Syndrome

    Ear abnormalities and deafness – most children with CHARGE syndrome have some level of hearing impairment, varying from mild to profound, along with underdeveloped or low-set[] These may include: a square-shaped face facial asymmetry, a difference in the appearance between the right and left sides of the face low-set and abnormal appearing ears antimongoloid[] Delayed speech and language are common due to a combination of causes such as hearing impairment, learning disability, cleft lip and palate or oral motor dysfunction.[]

  • Velocardiofacial Syndrome

    Abstract Velocardiofacial syndrome (VCFS), also known as 22q11.2 deletion syndrome, is a neurogenetic disorder that is associated with both learning disabilities and a consistent[] […] eyes, hypertelorism or low-set ears.[] Long face with prominent upper jaw Underdeveloped lower jaw Low set ears Prominent nose with narrow nasal passages Thin upper lip with a down-slanted mouth Multiple abnormalities[]

  • Klinefelter Syndrome

    Learning disability; delayed speech development; behavioural problems; psychosocial disturbances.[] We describe a newborn baby with phenotypic abnormalities, including cleft palate and low-set ears.[] […] eyes 0 143 2 25 20 23 Epicanthal folds 1 143 6 25 16 19 Upturned nose 0 143 0 25 5 23 Low-set ears 0 143 1 25 2 21 Malformed ears 0 143 1 25 11 21 Strabismus 0 143 2 25 11[]

  • Patau Syndrome

    Other anatomical defects of the brain Severe learning disability. Problems with control of breathing (central apnoea).[] It leads to a variety of abnormalities that include mental retardation, microcephaly, low-set ears, eye structural defects, polydactyly, and limb abnormalities The presence[] Other birth defects of trisomy 13 include: Clenched hands Cleft lip or palate Extra fingers or toes (polydactyly) Hernias Kidney, wrist, or scalp problems Low-set ears Small[]

  • Mental Retardation

    […] midface, low and prominent forehead, and low set malformed ears).[] , an IQ of 20-34 a severe learning disability, 35-49 moderate, and 50-70 mild learning disability.[] […] pylorus stenosis, pectus excavatum, brachycephaly due to craniosynostosis, frontal bossing, depressed nasal bridge, high arched-wide palate, downslant palpebral fissures, low-set[]

  • DiGeorge Syndrome

    Mild intellectual delay or learning disability is present in the majority of individuals with velocardiofacial syndrome.[] We present a case which had thymic aplasia, hypocalcemia, facial dysmorphism (hypertelorism, low set ears, cleft of soft palate, fish-like mouth and micrognathia) and congenital[] ears Low set ears Lowset ears [ more ] 0000369 Muscular hypotonia Low or weak muscle tone 0001252 Nasal speech Nasal voice 0001611 Platybasia 0002691 Prominent nasal bridge[]

  • Noonan Syndrome

    . - It is difficult to look high in the sky at noon, therefore everything is down in NOONan syndrome- Low set ears, Downslanting eyes, Low posterior hair line, Low levels[] disability.[] Facial features include widely spaced eyes, light colored eyes, low set ears, a short neck, and a small lower jaw. Heart problems may include pulmonary valve stenosis.[]

  • Homocystinuria

    The patient shows some of the facial features that were already reported in the literature (high forehead, large floppy, low-set ears, flat philtrum and hypotonia of perioral[] CNS: general learning disability (average IQ 80; 30% have normal IQ), seizures, cerebrovascular events, psychiatric disorders [ 5 ] .[] CNS: general learning disability (average IQ 80; 30% have normal IQ), seizures, cerebrovascular events, psychiatric disorders [ 5 ].[]

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