Possible Causes for Left Lower Quadrant Pain in USA

  • Acute Gastroenteritis
    Left Lower Quadrant Pain

    Acute gastroenteritis (AG) is a very common disease associated with inflammation of the stomach and intestines that can be triggered by all kinds of pathogens, i.e., by viruses, bacteria and parasites, and by consciously or unconsciously ingested toxins. By far most cases are caused by viral infection, especially…[1]

  • Urinary Tract Infection
    Left Lower Quadrant Pain

    Diagnosis of UTI While the location of UTI can help to classify the type of infection, it is very difficult to determine the extent of infection just based on the symptoms. In elderly, UTI may present only as urinary incontinence, without any other symptoms. Urine dipstick test: This test shows the positive nitrate…[2]

  • Sigmoiditis
    Left Lower Quadrant Pain
  • Colonic Disease
    Left Lower Quadrant Pain Left Upper Quadrant Pain
  • Ectopic Testis
    Left Lower Quadrant Pain

    A ectopic testis is a testicle that, although not an undescended testicle, has taken a non-standard path through the body and ended up in an unusual location. The positions of the ectopic testis may be: in the lower part of the abdomen, front of thigh, femoral canal, skin of penis or behind the scrotum. The…[3]

  • Herpes Zoster
    Left Lower Quadrant Pain Left Upper Quadrant Pain

    Pain is the preliminary sign of herpes zoster. Few days later, skin rashes develop only on one side of the body affecting one or more skin dermatomes. In many cases, the rash develops on the left or right side of the torso. However, many individuals may develop the rash on one side of the neck or face or around…[4]

  • Ovarian Disorder
    Left Lower Quadrant Pain

    Ovarian diseases can be classified as endocrine disorders or as a disorders of the reproductive system. If the egg fails to release from the follicle in the ovary an ovarian cyst may form. Small ovarian cysts are common in healthy women. Some women have more follicles than usual (polycystic ovary syndrome), which…[5]

  • Testicular Torsion
    Left Lower Quadrant Pain

    Successful management of spermatic cord torsion is measured by immediate testicular salvage as well as the incidence of late testicular atrophy. The length of time between onset of symptoms and detorsion (treatment) and the corresponding rate of successful testicular salvage is as follows: Less than 6 hours: 90…[6]

  • Prune Belly Syndrome
    Left Lower Quadrant Pain

    The clinical picture in children with PBS varies and can include a wide spectrum of complications. Common features include urinary obstruction, vesicoureteral reflux, urethral malformations, and other urogenital abnormalities. As a result, children with PBS may be susceptible to urinary infections. Additionally, there are…[7]

  • Obturator Hernia
    Left Lower Quadrant Pain

    Obturator hernia has an incidence of 0.07–1% of all forms of hernias and accounts for 0.2–1.6% of all cases with mechanical obstruction of the small bowel. With the highest rate of mortality among hernias of the abdominal wall (13-40%), it also has a predilection for female patients and a female-to-male ratio of 6:1.…[8]


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