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34 Possible Causes for Left Lower Quadrant Pain, Localized Edema, Right Lower Quadrant Tenderness

  • Muscle Strain

    This study investigated if using a shock-control hammer reduces forearm muscle strain by observing adverse physiological responses (i.e. inflammation and localized edema)[] The MR findings show diffuse muscle edema that does not localize to the myotendinous junction and can persist for weeks.[] Typically, there is also skin edema and sometimes, bone contusion.[]

  • Ureterolithiasis

    A 43-year-old male arrives in the ED with left lower quadrant pain that started 2 days ago.[] The analgesic effect is due to inhibition of prostaglandin synthesis and reduces local edema and inflammation. [26] Furthermore, it decreases increased ureteric peristalsis[] Muscle spasm, increased proximal peristalsis, local inflammation, irritation, and edema at the site of obstruction may contribute to the development of pain through chemoreceptor[]

  • Herpes Zoster

    Chronic inflammation can lead to endothelial cell injury, resulting in corneal edema.[] The keratitis may present as a lesion consisting of a localized area of inflammation affecting all levels of the stroma, or as peripheral infiltrates that may have a surrounding[] Corneal edema may be a prominent feature at this stage, usually with associated anterior chamber inflammation. A rare necrotizing form can also occur.[]

  • Tubo-Ovarian Abscess

    A 31-year-old Thai cassava farmer woman presented with fever and abdominal pain at left lower quadrant for one month.[] […] and spreading edema.[] On physical examination, the patient is febrile to 102.4 F, abdominal exam reveals right lower quadrant tenderness and labs are significant for WBC of 13,000.[]

  • Abdominal Visceral Abscess

    It is associated with anorexia, nausea, and vomiting. — Diverticulitis – Left lower quadrant pain is the most common complaint.[] […] pain in the abdomen Pain is not severe Pain is relieved by pressure Edema of the feet Urinary difficulty Slight edema (primarily of the lower limbs) Symptoms generally occur[] Patients develop right lower quadrant pain, tenderness, rebound, fever, and leukocytosis.[]

  • Testicular Torsion

    As local inflammation occurs, the development of local edema may make the diagnosis more challenging.[]

  • Incarcerated Hernia

    Over that period, she had developed a lower left quadrant abdominal mass. She had no history of nausea or vomiting.[] Local signs of this magnitude preclude reduction attempts.[] This capillary leak results in massive edema of local tissues, most notably those of the intestines.[]

  • Pelvic Abscess

    […] and spreading edema.[] She now presents three days after the initial CT with nausea, vomiting, fever, and right lower quadrant tenderness. Repeat CT examination was obtained, shown below.[] Cervical motion, uterine, and lower abdominal tenderness may also be present.[]

  • Intermenstrual Pain

    […] symptoms, and lower extremity edema.[] The physical exam should include a visual inspection of the cervix and a thorough bimanual, including a rectovaginal exam, to palpate for local masses or adhesions.[] Because cervical cancer spreads initially by local extension to adjacent organs and lymph nodes, patients with advanced disease may present to the ED with pelvic pain, urinary[]

  • Spigelian Hernia

    She was admitted to hospital for the acute onset of an intense abdominal pain in the left lower quadrant associated with fever.[] If the patient noted local edema, previously, it may help in the diagnosis that is sometimes difficult because of the abseence of pain.[] The abdominal examination was normal, except for tenderness in the right lower quadrant.[]