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36 Possible Causes for Left Lower Quadrant Pain, Localized Edema, Thigh Pain

  • Muscle Strain

    Whether it’s your hamstring, quadriceps or adductor muscles, strained thigh muscles can be a pain.[] This study investigated if using a shock-control hammer reduces forearm muscle strain by observing adverse physiological responses (i.e. inflammation and localized edema)[] The MR findings show diffuse muscle edema that does not localize to the myotendinous junction and can persist for weeks.[]

  • Osteomyelitis

    Over the next 24 hours, he developed fever, chills, and left lower quadrant pain.[] He now complains of 12 months duration of pain in the thigh and recent ulceration and drainage of the skin near the site of his gunshot wound.[] Local pain, swelling, erythema, and edema may also be reported. [2] Physical Examination On physical examination, scars or local disturbance of wound healing may be noted[]

  • Urinary Tract Infection

    While you're waiting for your infection to subside, try applying a heating pad to your lower abdomen or between your thighs to help alleviate some of the pain.[] Microscopically, neutrophilic infiltrates, diffuse edema, and microabscesses may be seen, which may coalesce into larger collections.[] Put the heating pad or a hot water bottle on your lower abdomen, back, or between your thighs.[]

  • Intestinal Obstruction

    lower quadrant abdominal pain over several years (suggestive of diverticulitis, a diverticular stricture, or similar problems) Assessment of symptoms should attempt to distinguish[] In renal colic the pain is distinctly in the lumbar region, and if reflected is reflected to the pelvis and thigh. Blood is usually found in the urine.[] Optimal surgical procedure depends on the anatomic location, present of a lead point, and local factors, such as edema, inflammation, and ischemia of involved bowel.[]

  • Ureterolithiasis

    A 43-year-old male arrives in the ED with left lower quadrant pain that started 2 days ago.[] Causing a wave of tremendous pain, acute, and colic that spread to the thighs and genitalia. b. Micturition curiosity but little urine comes out c.[] The analgesic effect is due to inhibition of prostaglandin synthesis and reduces local edema and inflammation. [26] Furthermore, it decreases increased ureteric peristalsis[]

  • Spigelian Hernia

    She was admitted to hospital for the acute onset of an intense abdominal pain in the left lower quadrant associated with fever.[] Pressure on the obturator nerve causes pain in the medial thigh that is relieved by thigh flexion.[] If the patient noted local edema, previously, it may help in the diagnosis that is sometimes difficult because of the abseence of pain.[]

  • Herpes Zoster

    Three days after the outbreak of the rash, he developed headache, neck pain, and fever, followed by confusion, memory impairment, and drowsiness with episodes of agitation[] Chronic inflammation can lead to endothelial cell injury, resulting in corneal edema.[] The keratitis may present as a lesion consisting of a localized area of inflammation affecting all levels of the stroma, or as peripheral infiltrates that may have a surrounding[]

  • Abdominal Visceral Abscess

    It is associated with anorexia, nausea, and vomiting. — Diverticulitis – Left lower quadrant pain is the most common complaint.[] Sometimes the pain irradiates to the pelvis and in the right thigh.[] […] pain in the abdomen Pain is not severe Pain is relieved by pressure Edema of the feet Urinary difficulty Slight edema (primarily of the lower limbs) Symptoms generally occur[]

  • Testicular Torsion

    The pain is sharp and radiates to the left thigh. While in the emergency room, the patient experiences one episode of vomiting. He denies any fever, dysuria or chills.[] As local inflammation occurs, the development of local edema may make the diagnosis more challenging.[] The pain is sharp and radiates to his left thigh. While in the emergency room, the patient experiences one episode of vomiting.[]

  • Henoch-Schönlein Purpura

    Thigh skin biopsy was performed, with a report of leucocytoclastic vasculitis, and was diagnosed as HSP. She was prescribed bed rest, and was given oral hydration.[] There may be associated edema of the hands, feet, or face. The rash may rarely present as hemorrhagic vesicles and bullae and desquamation may occur ( 30, 32 ).[] Five months later, painful purpura (multiple palpable 5 mm lesions) developed on his legs, gradually spreading to the upper limbs, thighs, and trunk, accompanied by arthralgia[]

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