15 Possible Causes for Left Shift of WBC in USA

  • Primary Myelofibrosis
    Left Shift of WBC

    Primary myelofibrosis is a myeloproliferative disorder induced by somatic mutations in hematopoietic stem cells. Uncontrolled proliferation of stem cells that release a variety of growth factors leads to bone marrow fibrosis and extramedullary hematopoiesis. During initial stages of the disease, thrombocytosis accounts…[1]

  • Left Atrial Hypertrophy
    P Vector Shifted Left
  • Malignant Pleural Effusion
    Mediastinal Shift

    Of note, in case of unilateral MPE, a mediastinal shift may occur and cause compression of the contralateral lung.[2]

  • Tension Pneumothorax
    Mediastinal Shift

    Tension pneumothorax (TP) is defined as a progressive build-up of air within the pleural space, generally due to a laceration of the lung. The clinical presentation of tension pneumothorax is very similar to that of pneumothorax, even though it is much more pronounced. The classical signs include hypotension and…[3]

  • Bronchial Obstruction
    Mediastinal Shift
  • Lobectomy or Pneumonectomy
    Mediastinal Shift
  • Diaphragmatic Eventration
    Mediastinal Shift
  • Artificial Pneumothorax
    Mediastinal Shift
  • Dextrocardia
    Mediastinal Shift

    That is, instead of upper right and lower left, pads should be placed upper left and lower right. … of the left ventricle and atrium; the latter are in their normal location. … the lower frontal part being directed to the right, instead of to the left.[4] [5]

  • Scimitar Syndrome
    Mediastinal Shift

    Under physiological circumstances, the left atrium receives oxygen-rich blood from the left and right pulmonary veins, and this blood is then pumped by the left ventricle … vein into the left atrium, or creating an inter-atrial baffle, so that pulmonary venous circulation into the left atrium can be restored. … Alternatively, the anomalous vein can be re-implanted directly into the left atrium.[6] [7]

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