208 Possible Causes for Left Upper Quadrant Pain in USA

  • Acute Gastroenteritis
    Left Lower Quadrant Pain

    Sudden onset of symptoms like abdominal pain, vomiting and diarrhea is characteristic for this condition. … AG is characterized by a sudden onset of symptoms - typically fever, malaise, abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea - but severity may vary widely.[1]

  • Urinary Tract Infection
    Left Lower Quadrant Pain

    People experiencing an upper urinary tract infection, or pyelonephritis, may experience flank pain, fever, or nausea and vomiting in addition to the classic symptoms of a … Pain: Pelvic pain and rectal pain is observed in women and men suffering from UTI respectively. … Alternatively, it may involve the upper urinary tract, in which case it is known as pyelonephritis.[2] [3]

  • Hypereosinophilic Syndrome
    Left Upper Quadrant Pain

    Splenomegaly occurs in 40% of patients and should be suspected in patients complaining of left upper quadrant pain.  … If left untreated, HES is progressively fatal. … , cough and abdominal pain.[4] [5]

  • Chronic Congestive Splenomegaly
    Left Upper Quadrant Pain

    Banti's syndrome (also known as Banti's disease), named for is Guido Banti., is a chronic congestive enlargement of the spleen resulting in premature destruction of the red blood cells by the spleen. The basic pathology is some kind of obstructive pathology in the portal, hepatic or splenic vein that causes…[6]

  • Chronic Myeloid Leukemia
    Left Upper Quadrant Pain

    It can also present with symptoms indicative of hepatosplenomegaly and the resulting upper quadrant pain this causes. … upper quadrant abdominal pain from splenomegaly Hepatomegaly Signs and symptoms of progressive disease: Bleeding, petechiae, and ecchymoses Bone pain and fever Increasing … During this phase, patients are usually asymptomatic or have only mild symptoms of fatigue, left side pain, joint and/or hip pain, or abdominal fullness.[7] [8]

  • Splenic Injury
    Left Upper Quadrant Pain
  • Splenic Abscess
    Left Upper Quadrant Pain

    Pain is usually confined to the upper left quadrant, but diffuse, as well as left chest wall pain, have been described in a significant number of cases. … The life-threatening risk of a splenic abscess must be considered by the physician in the differential diagnosis of unexplained fever, upper left quadrant abdominal pain, … Auscultation of the lungs is very important, as both dullness and rales may be heard in the left basilar region.[9]

  • Pancreatic Adenocarcinoma
    Tenderness in the Right Upper Quadrant Left Upper Quadrant Pain

    The symptoms it induces are also fairly non-specific and include: Abdominal pain, frequently located in the coastal margin of the left upper abdominal quadrant. … The pancreas is an organ situated in the upper left part of the abdomen, in the region posterior to the stomach. … A patient affected by pancreatic cancer may report non-specific symptoms such as weight loss, anorexia, malnutrition, pain in the right upper side of the abdomen, back pain[10]

  • Herpes Zoster
    Left Lower Quadrant Pain Tenderness in the Right Upper Quadrant Left Upper Quadrant Pain

    In many cases, the rash develops on the left or right side of the torso. … There is no recommended upper age limit. … Typically the rash occurs in a single stripe either on the left or right of the body or face.[11] [12]

  • Renal Infarction
    Left Upper Quadrant Pain

    If the disease occurs in pregnant women, symptoms include vaginal bleeding, lower abdominal pain and uterus contractions. … Symptoms start abruptly and consist of abdominal, flank, costovertebral or lower back pain, nausea, vomiting, fever and sometimes oliguria and hematuria.[13]

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