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1,298 Possible Causes for Leg Cramp, Muscle Weakness

  • Graves Disease

    On neurological examination the patient was presented with muscle weakness, muscle atrophy (in face and sternocleidomastoid muscles), features of myotonia and apocamnosis[] This case emphasises the importance of considering TPP in patients with acute muscle weakness and the importance of promptly initiating treatment and preventing relapse of[] weakness and myopathy • Increased DTR • Increased motor activity • Fatigue Cardiovascular • Tachycardia • Palpitations • Repiratory muscle weakness • Increased RR and HR[]

  • Acute Exertional Rhabdomyolysis

    A 62-year-old man was brought to the hospital with back pain and muscle weakness accompanied by myalgia.[] […] first, ASCENDING hyporeflexia and areflexia can have autonomic dysfcn and opthalmoparesis sensory changes less prominent may have pain- arthralgias and back pain, cramping[] Two patients who demonstrated increased muscle mass, muscle stiffness with variable degrees of muscle weakness and low levels of serum thyroxine (Hoffmann's syndrome) are[]

  • Oculopharyngeal Muscular Dystrophy

    The effect of BCL2 co-expression on muscle weakness is transient, since muscle weakness is apparent in mice expressing both A17 and BCL2 transgenes at late time points.[] Muscle weakness occurs mostly in your arms and legs, with symptoms appearing between age 11 and 25.[] Genetically blocking apoptosis by over-expressing BCL2 ameliorates muscle weakness in our mouse model of OPMD (A17 mice).[]

  • Conium Maculatum Poisoning

    weakness and paralysis, which may eventuate in respiratory failure. [5] No antidote is available for either toxin.[] […] after ingestion; severe toxicity tends to cause seizures, with death resulting from status epilepticus. [4] Poison hemlock toxicity is characerized by rapidly progressive muscle[]

  • Methanol Poisoning

    If treatment is not started, the symptoms worsen to include blurred vision and blindness; difficulty breathing and respiratory failure; muscle weakness; stomach pain, pancreatitis[] cramps Weakness Seek immediate medical help.[] Finally, elevation of amylase enzyme, paresis of abducens nerve, sepsis, and anasarca were also seen (all n 1).[]

  • Glycogen Storage Disease Type 7

    Our observation suggests that juvenile-onset fixed muscle weakness may be a predominant clinical feature of PFK deficiency.[] Arms Fatigue Cramps: Proximal muscles Muscle size Atrophy: Proportionate to weakness May be mild calf hypertrophy Tendon reflexes: Reduced in proportion to weakness Cardiac[] The most peculiar symptoms of Tarui disease are muscle weakness and muscle fatigue. Severity of these symptoms depends on individual’s enzyme activity levels.[]

  • Hereditary Spastic Paraplegia

    Major symptoms comprise progressive bilateral leg stiffness, spasticity at rest and diffuse muscle weakness.[] A person may develop tightness in the leg muscles as a result of spasticity and may suffer from leg cramps and muscle spasms.[] In the type II group muscle weakness, urinary symptoms and sensory loss were more marked. This form of the disease evolved more rapidly.[]

  • Muscle Spasm

    It can also cause numbness and tingling, muscle weakness and muscle spasms in the neck.[] Half way through the bottle, my husband was mentioning he has not had a single leg cramp. Beate Brueland, Salome, AZ.[] […] psychogenic depression Concerns muscle weakness, bowel or bladder tetanus, osteo ankylosing spondylitis[]

  • Hyperventilation

    Only stand up when you are certain that all symptoms of dizziness and muscle weakness have dissipated.[] Cramps: - How to get rid of cramps : How to get rid of cramps breathing exercise - Leg cramps at night : Two easy solutions (Earthing and reduced breathing exercise).[] A five-months-pregnant female of the age 25 years presented with sudden onset flaccid weakness of both lower limbs associated with thigh muscle pain followed by weakness of[]

  • Electrolyte Imbalance

    Hypernatremia Muscle weakness, leg cramps, fatigue, lethargy, anorexia, nosia, vomiting, decreased bowel sounds/motility, arrhythmia, depressed deep-tendon reflexes, weak[] leg cramps.[] Once again, your muscles are affected. You will have cramps, muscle weakness and even constipation.[]

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