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219 Possible Causes for Leg Edema, Lower and Upper Limbs Affected

  • Lipedema

    V. (1951) Lipedema of the legs; a syndrome characterized by fat legs and edema. Ann Intern Med. 34, 1243-1250. 2. Chen, S. G., Hsu, S. D., Chen, T. M., and Wang, H.[] Primarily the lower extremities are affected, but lipedema may occur in combination with the upper extremities as well.[] Lipedema is characterized by symmetric enlargement of the limbs, generally affecting the lower extremities extending from the hips to the ankles secondary to the deposition[]

  • Deep Vein Thrombosis

    A physical examination revealed bilateral leg edema.[] PICC line and upper limb DVT) 6 In the lower limbs, patients often present with unilateral leg pain, swelling, and erythema.[] Damage to your veins from the blood clot reduces blood flow in the affected areas, which can cause: Persistent swelling of your legs (edema) Leg pain Skin discoloration Skin[]

  • Phlegmasia Cerulea Dolens

    In nine patients with venous gangrene that underwent iliofemoral thrombectomy below knee had transmetatarsal amputation done after decreasing leg edema.[] PCD has an equal incidence in both genders, is more common in the sixth decade of life, and more frequently affects the lower limbs, although in 5% of the cases the upper[] It is characterized by the sudden onset of severe leg pain, massive edema, cyanosis, venous gangrene, compartment syndrome and arterial compromise, often followed by pulmonary[]

  • Edema

    Leg edema may be a sign of Chronic Vein Disease (CVD) Leg edema may occur if the vein valves become “leaky,” or do not properly drain blood from the body back to the heart[] limbs: Breast cancer, surgery/irradiation for breast cancer, newborn baby, turner syndrome Lower limbs: Congenital lymphedema, parecox, tarda, other secondary causes of lymphedema[] , unspecified Approximate Synonyms Anasarca Ankle edema Ankle swelling Edema (swelling) Edema (swelling) leg Edema (swelling), arms and legs Edema of face Edema of foot Edema[]

  • Hereditary ATTR Amyloidosis

    Support stockings may be recommended for patients with leg edema (swelling).[] limbs, progress to the upper limbs, and then affect more proximal aspects of the limbs and the trunk.[] This may result in a condition called nephrotic syndrome, where there is excess protein in the urine and the lower legs can become swollen (also called “edema”).[]

  • Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease Type 2S

    Reports of cold feet, hair loss, or leg edema are common.[] Typically, this starts in the lower limbs with weakness, atrophy and deformity, and later affects the upper limbs.[] Symptoms affect both lower and upper limbs, including muscle wasting and contractures, and delayed milestones such as sitting and walking.[]

  • Restless Legs Syndrome

    The occurrence of the preceding features are not soley accounted for as symptoms primary to another medical or behavioral condition such as myalgia, venous stasis, leg edema[] Complying with an irresistible urge to move the affected limbs brings temporary relief. Sleep may become disrupted, resulting in excessive daytime hypersomnolence.[] A disorder characterized by aching or burning sensations in the lower and rarely the upper extremities that occur prior to sleep or may awaken the patient from sleep.[]

  • Phlegmasia Alba Dolens

    Topic Leg Edema Puerperal Disorders Genre Electronic books Notes Caption title: Essay on phlegmasia alba dolens puerperarum Signatures: [A]⁴ B² NLM copy: a few contemporary[] PCD has an equal incidence in both genders, is more common in the sixth decade of life, and more frequently affects the lower limbs, although in 5% of the cases the upper[] The result is edema, pain and a white appearance ( alba ) of the leg.[]

  • Lymphedema

    Ciocon JOGalindo-Ciocon DGalindo DJ Raised leg exercises for leg edema in the elderly. Angiology. 1995;4619- 25 Google Scholar Crossref 83.[] The upper limbs were affected in 10 patients and the lower limbs were affected in 13 patients.[] Most commonly it is the lower limb and the upper extremity that are affected; trunk and genitalia are less frequently affected.[]

  • Postphlebitic Syndrome

    Elastic bandages are used initially until edema and ulcers resolve and leg size stabilizes; commercial compression stockings are then used.[] […] venous and other vascular disorders affecting the upper limb; and role of perforator.[] IPC can effective to control severe leg edema and/or venous leg ulcers.[]

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