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1,411 Possible Causes for Leg Length Inequality, Meconium Ileus in Neonates (10-15%), Midline Defects

Did you mean: Leg Length Inequality, Meconium Ileus in Neonates (10-15, ), Midline Defects

  • Scoliosis

    Abstract Cantrell's pentalogy (CP) is a rare syndrome characterized by defects in the lower sternum with ectopia cordis, anterior diaphragm defects, midline supraumbilical[] length inequality as cause of scoliosis other important findings on physical exam leg length inequality midline skin defects (hairy patches, dimples, nevi) signs of spinal[] Anatomical Leg Length Inequality, Scoliosis and Lordotic Curve in Unselected Clinic Patients J Manipulative Physiol Ther 1991 (Jul); 14 (6): 368–375 The results of this study[]

    Missing: Meconium Ileus in Neonates (10-15%)
  • Imperforate Anus

    References Opitz G/BBB syndrome, a defect of midline development, is due to mutations in a new RING finger gene on Xp22.[] However, leg length inequality and recurrence of the deformities are not uncommon, necessitating further surgical interventions.[] In lower defects (perineal and vestibular), the incision separates only the parasagittal fibers and the muscle complex in the midline. The levator muscle is not seen.[]

  • Malignant Hyperthermia - Arthrogryposis - Torticollis

    Midline cleft of lower lip[?] Midline defects autosomal type[?] Midline defects recessive type[?] Midline developmental field defects[?] Midline field defects[?][] Birch, MD Leg Length Inequality Principles of Angular Deformity Correction in Children SECTION III: NEUROMUSCULAR DISORDERS 25 - Disorders of the Brain Lori A.[] […] cleft of lower lip Midline defects autosomal type Midline defects recessive type Midline developmental field defects Midline field defects Midline lethal granuloma Mietens[]

    Missing: Meconium Ileus in Neonates (10-15%)
  • Spina Bifida Occulta

    Abstract Spina bifida, a congenital deformity of the posterior wall of vertebrae of the spine, is a midline defect of skin, vertebral arches and neural tube, usually in the[] Crysta Serne 1 Comment Categories: Chiropractic Tags: Chiropractor , Leg Length Inequality , Low Back Pain , Spina Bifida Occulta[] Plain radiographs and magnetic resonance (MR) imaging revealed a midline defect in the sacral lamina and a large fluid collection in the subcutaneous space consistent with[]

    Missing: Meconium Ileus in Neonates (10-15%)
  • Coxa Vara

    […] in membranous ossification is reflected by the clinical involvement of mostly midline structures notably cranium, spine and pubic symphysis. 2,4-6 Cranial and facial features[] Residual shortening was treated with a shoe lift or appropriate leg length inequality surgery.[] Leg-length inequality and nerve palsy in total hip arthroplasty: a lawyer awaits! Orthopedics. 2000;23:943-944. 27.[]

    Missing: Meconium Ileus in Neonates (10-15%)
  • Slipped Capital Femoral Epiphysis

    . - leg length inequality : - if reduction is incomplete or necrosis or chondrolysis develops limb-length inequality may result; - coxa vara, secondary to the slip & not to[]

    Missing: Meconium Ileus in Neonates (10-15%) Midline Defects
  • Legg-Calve-Perthes Disease

    Hill ; Part II: Leg length inequality / Franz Grill ; The limping child / F. Stig Jacobsen and Göran Hansson ; Developmental dysplasia of the hip / Michael K.D.[] Atrophy of thigh muscles may occur from disuse and an inequality of leg length.[] Leg deformity and length discrepancy / John A. Fixsen, Robert A. Hill, and Franz Grill. Part I: Classification and management of lower limb reduction anomalies / John A.[]

    Missing: Meconium Ileus in Neonates (10-15%) Midline Defects
  • Hereditary Multiple Exostoses

    length inequality may require equalization procedures in 50%; - fibular involvement by osteochondroma may cause: genu valgum ; - Ankle in MED: - valgus ankle deformity; -[] Hereditary Multiple Exostoses ... nerves, and leg-length inequalities.[] ; 3) limb-length inequality; and 4) late degeneration into chondrosarcoma.[]

    Missing: Meconium Ileus in Neonates (10-15%) Midline Defects
  • Bladder Exstrophy

    This report provides further evidence of phenotype-genotype correlation and expands the phenotypic spectrum of midline defects described with this syndrome.[] Innominate osteotomy must be performed with brilliancy amplifier to avoid osteotomy through to the hip joint to prevent inequality in leg length.[] The bladder exstrophy and classic epispadias represent a spectrum of congenital anomalies with different degrees of anterior midline defect.[]

    Missing: Meconium Ileus in Neonates (10-15%)
  • Congenital Malformation of the Knee Joint

    […] syndrome Microphthalmia, Lenz type Microphthalmia-ankyloblepharon-intellectual disability syndrome Microphthalmia-brain atrophy syndrome Midline interhemispheric variant[] In case of leg length inequality, the longer leg flexes to rebalance the pelvis.[] […] of holoprosencephaly Mild spondyloepiphyseal dysplasia due to COL2A1 mutation with early-onset osteoarthritis Mirror polydactyly-vertebral segmentation-limbs defects syndrome[]

    Missing: Meconium Ileus in Neonates (10-15%)