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14 Possible Causes for Leg Length Inequality, Midline Defects, Spinal Cord Lesion

  • Scoliosis

    Abstract Cantrell's pentalogy (CP) is a rare syndrome characterized by defects in the lower sternum with ectopia cordis, anterior diaphragm defects, midline supraumbilical[] length inequality as cause of scoliosis other important findings on physical exam leg length inequality midline skin defects (hairy patches, dimples, nevi) signs of spinal[] Neuropathic lesions include upper motor neuron lesions such as cerebral palsy, Frederich's ataxia, and spinal cord trauma and tumors.[]

  • Cartilaginous Exostosis

    Failure of ossification of midline junction of bones Treatment Little if any functional defect Coxa vara if present may require osteotomy Pyknodysostosis Inheritance Autosomal[] length inequality may require equalization procedures in 50%; - fibular involvement by osteochondroma may cause: genu valgum ; - Ankle in MED: - valgus ankle deformity; -[] Surgery is performed to address angular deformities; pain caused by irritation of skin, tendons, or nerves; and leg-length inequalities.[]

  • Spina Bifida Occulta

    Abstract Spina bifida, a congenital deformity of the posterior wall of vertebrae of the spine, is a midline defect of skin, vertebral arches and neural tube, usually in the[] Crysta Serne 1 Comment Categories: Chiropractic Tags: Chiropractor , Leg Length Inequality , Low Back Pain , Spina Bifida Occulta[] Congenital spinal and cord lesions in children and computed tomographic metrizamide myelography. Neuroradiology 1978; 16: 69–70.[]

  • Congenital Absence of Thigh and Lower Leg with Foot Present

    Parieto-occipital DSTs more frequently have intracranial extension through a midline occipital skull defect, penetrate the dura, and end intracranially in relation to either[] Leg length inequality. Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics. 15(9): 576-90. McCaw, S.T. Leg length inequality.[] […] syndrome Microphthalmia, Lenz type Microphthalmia-ankyloblepharon-intellectual disability syndrome Microphthalmia-brain atrophy syndrome Midline interhemispheric variant[]

  • Congenital Deformities of Limbs

    The associated scalp defects are midline skin defects located on the vertex with occasional defects of the skull and meninges.[] Limb deformity and leg length inequality problems include many different conditions. These conditions affect the appearance or function of an arm or a leg.[] cord lesion of brain, nervous system, and spinal cord Deformity of brain, nervous system, and spinal cord 743 Congenital anomalies of eye 743.0 Anophthalmos 743.00 Clinical[]

  • Cortical Blindness

    Ocular malformations, moyamoya disease, and midline cranial defects: a distinct syndrome. Am J Ophthalmol . 1999 ; 127 :356–357. Crossref Medline Google Scholar 6.[] Precise Measurement of Functional Leg Length Inequality and Changes Due To Cervical Spine Rotation in Pain-Free Students.[] ) within the spinal cord (syringomyelia) that extends up to the medulla and pons syringomyelia central cavitation (cystic lesion) of the spinal cord, usually in the cervical[]

  • Acrorenal Mandibular Syndrome

    cord Spina bifida Myeloschisis (rachischisis posterior) Congenital malformations of the brain Anencephaly Iniencephaly Encephalocele Arnold-Chiari malformation Disorders[] […] facial hemangioma, nerve palsies, and cardiac defects Septate uterus and vagina Teratogen Urogenital adysplasia Unilateral or bilateral renal agenesis, flattened facies,[] Length Inequality Lenz Majewski Hyperostotic Dwarfism Lissencephaly Type III and Bone Dysplasia Macroepiphyseal Dysplasia, McAlister Coe Type Marfan syndrome Marfan Syndrome[]

  • Congenital Hemihypertrophy

    ORPHANET MONDO OMIM UMLS More info about CUTIS LAXA, AUTOSOMAL RECESSIVE, TYPE IC; ARCL1C High match OPITZ GBBB SYNDROME, TYPE I; GBBB1 The Opitz GBBB syndrome is a congenital midline[] De cualquier modo, son frecuentes los casos en que las lesiones persisten toda la vida16, Dermatol Clin ;16 3: Heimhipertrofia implications of mild leg length inequality.[] المحتويات Disorders and Injuries of the Spinal Cord 316 Disorders of Epiphyses and Epiphyseal Growth 339 Neoplasms of Musculoskeletal Tissues 379 Specific NeoplasmLike Lesions[]

  • Familial Congenital Nasolacrimal Duct Obstruction

    Surgical treatment consists of complete removal of the mass--both intracranial and intranasal--with closure of the resulting defect.[] Dermatoses Leg Injuries Leg Length Inequality Leg Ulcer Legg-Perthes Disease Legionellosis Legionnaires' Disease Leigh Disease Leiomyoma Leiomyoma, Epithelioid Leiomyomatosis[] Birthmarks/Skin markings: Pigmented light brown lesions ( Midline hair tufts over the lumbosacral spine region suggest a spinal cord defect.[]

  • Radial Hemimelia

    […] syndrome Microphthalmia, Lenz type Microphthalmia-ankyloblepharon-intellectual disability syndrome Microphthalmia-brain atrophy syndrome Midline interhemispheric variant[] inequality and ankle instability. 11 In our case, leg-length discrepancy did not occur because of the amputation of the other leg.[] […] of the cervical spinal cord, of the inner cord of the brachial plexus, and in combined lesions of the ulnar and median nerves, but most often occurring in motor neuron disease[]