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59 Possible Causes for Leg Pain, Reiter's Syndrome, Vaginal Discharge

  • Vaginitis

    Vaginal discharge is the most common gynecological symptom in prepubescent girls.[] Yeast also can grow in the folds of skin where the scrotum touches the legs.[] A patient with a long history of recurrent vaginal discharge had no evidence of infection.[]

  • Gonorrhea

    syndrome.[] If symptoms occur, they may include burning or frequent urination, yellowish vaginal discharge, redness and swelling of the genitals, and a burning or itching of the vaginal[] Small, red spots may appear on the skin, usually on the arms and legs. The spots are slightly painful and may be filled with pus.[]

  • Cystitis

    Take aspirin or paracetamol if you are in pain (follow the directions on the pack). Put a hot water bottle or wheat pack on your back, stomach or between your legs.[] Seek medical help if you experience the following symptoms: vaginal discharge fever one-sided pain in your back severe pain vomiting visible amount of blood in your urine[] (Easier said than done for someone in constant pain!) Simple steps like taking time to meditate and relax can help.[]

  • Pelvic Inflammatory Disease

    Perihepatitis ( Fitz-Hugh Curtis syndrome ): causes right upper quadrant pain. Tubo-ovarian abscess. Reiter's syndrome (reactive arthritis).[] Culture of the vaginal discharge revealed the presence of E. coli.[] […] around the kidneys or liver, lower back or leg pain, feelings of weakness, tiredness, depression, and diminished desire to have sex.[]

  • Balanitis

    Circinate balanitis is the commonest cutaneous manifestation of reactive arthritis (Reiter syndrome), but can also occur independently.[] Treatment Usually straightforward with creams or a one off dose of antifungal tablets Bacterial vaginosis (BV) BV is the commonest cause of abnormal vaginal discharge in women[] An 82-year-old female presented to the office with her daughter and daughter-in-law complaining of painful blisters on the legs and arms that had occurred cyclically for the[]

  • Pelvic Congestion Syndrome

    Embolotherapy for pelvic congestion syndrome: long-term results. J Vasc Interv Radiol. 2006;17:289-297. 5.[] With pelvic congestion there is a lot of pain and a generally very heavy feeling.Symptoms are stomach cramps,backache ,pain ful gas,ibs symptoms,increased vaginal discharge[] Other symptoms may include lower back and leg pain, watery discharge from the vagina and exhaustion, as well as mood swings and abdominal bloating.[]

  • Reiter's Syndrome

    The use of the NSAID indomethacin may relieve mild pain symptoms in Reiter’s syndrome.[] In women, urethritis and cervicitis may be mild (with dysuria or slight vaginal discharge) or asymptomatic. Conjunctivitis is the most common eye lesion.[] Pain in the joints of one or both legs and feet occurs in 95% of cases. Eye inflammation occurs in 30% of cases.[]

  • Gonococcal Arthritis

    Nearly half of 39 patients admitted with a diagnosis of acute gonococcal arthritis were subsequently recognized as having acute Reiter syndrome.[] discharge.[] Bacteremic (arthritis-dermatitis syndrome) Arthritic pain moving from one joint to another. Pain affecting many joints. Hands more affected than the legs.[]

  • Kraurosis Vulvae

    Namey 1 doctor agreed: 8 8 Does reiters syndrome cause dysmetria like symptoms in leg? Dr. Thomas Namey Dr. Namey 1 doctor agreed: Not true dysmetria![] A trichomoniasis vaginalis parasitic infection can lead to frothing, greenish-yellow, malodorous vaginal discharge.[] : Dysmetria ) refers to a lack of coordination of movement typified by the undershoot or overshoot of intended position with the hand, arm, leg, or eye.[]

  • Chlamydial Pelvic Inflammatory Disease

    Perihepatitis ( Fitz-Hugh Curtis syndrome ): causes right upper quadrant pain. Tubo-ovarian abscess. Reiter's syndrome (reactive arthritis).[] These patients presented with vaginal discharge and chronic abdominal pain.[] […] around the kidneys or liver lower back or leg pain feelings of weakness, tiredness, or depression diminished desire to have sex How to know if you have PID?[]

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